Egg Farms in Texas

List of Egg Farms in Texas – Find Eggs Suppliers Near You!

Looking for egg farms in Texas?

Texas is in the top five states for egg production with an estimated 23 million layers, so there is no shortage of egg farms in the state of Texas.

From small family farms and homesteads to huge scale egg farming operations, I’ve put together a list of some of the top egg farms in Texas below:

List of Egg Farms in Texas

Egg FarmLocationPhoneWebsite
Cedar Ridge Egg FarmPickton,
Amber’s Poultry FarmMidland,
Mahard Egg FarmProsper, TX972-347-2421NA
McGreen AcresForney,
Congdon FarmsLockhart, TX512-376-6003NA
Humble Rooster FarmBertram,
Yonder Way FarmFayetteville,
Milagro FarmRed Rock, TX512-321-4312 NA

Cedar Ridge Egg Farm

Address – Pickton, Texas 75471

Phone – 903-440-0607

Contact – NA


Cedar Ridge Egg Farm is a three-generation family-owned business. In 2020, Cedar Ridge transitioned to a  pasture-raised poultry farm.

They have a combination of Hi-Line, Bovan, and Lohmann breeds of hen. They give their hens full freedom to roam during the day and feed them a high-quality feed.

Cedar Ridge Egg Farm sells both to the public directly and wholesale.

Amber’s Poultry Farm

Address – Midland, TX

Phone – 432-352-0217

Contact – NA


Amber’s Poultry Farm sells everything from hatching eggs to live birds and chicken eggs.

You can either book an appointment to visit the farm or place an order online. A great choice if you’re thinking about raising a flock of your own and want advice.

Mahard Egg Farm

Address – Prosper, TX

Phone – 972-347-2421

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Located in Prosper, Mahard Egg Farm raises chicks into laying hens so they can control and maintain high standards.

With an estimated 3 million laying hens and almost 5,000 sq/ft of space, Mahard is one of the largest egg farms in Texas.

McGreen Acres

Address – Forney, Texas 75126

Phone – 469-248-5703

Contact – NA


McGreen Acres was purchased in 2018 as a place for a family to live off the land. Today, it’s become an egg farm where hens live high-quality lives roaming freely.

Congdon Farms

Address – Lockhart, TX 78644

Phone – 512-376-6003

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Humble Rooster Farm

Address – Bertram, TX

Phone – 512-779-8935

Contact – NA


Yonder Way Farm

Address – Fayetteville, TX 78940

Phone – 979-530-4444

Contact – NA


Milagro Farm

Address – Red Rock, TX

Phone – 512-321-4312

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Not All Eggs Are Equal

If you enjoy eggs and you’ve tried eggs from several farms, you’ll be well aware there can be a huge difference in the taste and quality.

This isn’t to do with the breed of the hen that laid the egg, it’s to do with how the hens are being treated.

You should always look for eggs that are labeled as ‘free range’ or ‘cage free’ as a starting point.

Caged or battery hens are generally kept in dire conditions. Not only is it cruel and inhumane to keep hens caged up all day, but the result is also eggs lacking in taste and nutritional content.

Ideally, hens should have space to roam free-range, be able to graze on bugs and insects and be fed a high-quality organic feed.

In addition to this, they should have excellent living conditions and a high standard of care.

Happy chickens are healthy chickens, and healthy chickens lay the best eggs. It’s really as simple as that.

What Is Required to Sell Eggs in Texas?

If you’re looking for egg farms as part of your research into starting an egg farming business, not buying eggs, I can help point you in the right direction.

Your first call should be to the Texas Department of State Health Services. They will be able to advise you on what license or permit you’ll need based on your business model.

Even if you want to just get started selling at local farmer’s markets, you need to meet some strict requirements set out by the state.

This is to safeguard the public and make sure they’re receiving eggs in the best possible condition and also to safeguard you should something bad happen.

In particular, you need to be aware of how to properly handle and store eggs. As well as how to label the boxes correctly.

Even if you’re starting out with a few backyard chickens, being an egg farmer/seller is an exciting and possibly very profitable business.

The beauty of it is that if you’re raising chickens anyway, it’s a pleasure more than a chore and you’re simply selling surplus eggs!

Find an Egg Farm Near You: State Listings


Image credits – Photo by Mads Eneqvist on Unsplash

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