Egg Farms in Alabama

List of Egg Farms in Alabama – Eggs For Sale Near You!

Looking for egg farms in Alabama? Maybe you want to start selling eggs yourself?

The egg business is as good as it’s ever been, it’s a great business to get into as a side hustle all the way up to a full-scale egg farming operation.

Below, I’ve put together a list of some of the best egg farms in the state of Alabama – from small family farms to larger commercial egg farming businesses:

List of Egg Farms in Alabama

Egg FarmLocationPhoneWebsite
Marble Creek FarmsteadSylacauga,
BDA FarmUniontown,
Sweet Gum Farm ALCentral
Wayne Farms LLC HatcheryTroy, AL334-566-8703NA
Owl Creek RidgeElkmont,
James FarmHorton, AL205-429-2030NA
Hickman’s FarmHazel Green, AL256-937-6921NA

Marble Creek Farmstead

Address – Sylacauga, AL 35150 

Phone – 205-936-6120

Contact – NA


BDA Farm

Address – Uniontown, AL 36786

Phone – 334-624-4660

Contact – NA


Sweet Gum Farm AL

Address – Central Alabama

Phone – 205-312-9525

Contact – NA


Wayne Farms LLC Hatchery

Address – Troy, AL 36079

Phone – 334-566-8703

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Owl Creek Ridge

Address – Elkmont, AL

Phone – NA

Contact – NA


James Farm

Address – Horton, AL 35980

Phone – 205-429-2030

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Hickman’s Farm

Address – Hazel Green, AL 35750

Phone – 256-937-6921

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Additional Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about egg farming – or the poultry industry in general – in Alabama, I recommend checking out the Alabama Poultry and Egg Association (AP&EA)

The mission of the AP&EA is, “to serve the common interest of the Alabama poultry industry through education, communication, research and public affairs involvement.”

The poultry industry is huge in Alabama, it creates a lot of jobs and has a big impact on the state’s economy.

The AP&EA provides support for thousands of farms. You can also find a lot of great resources on their website about the egg farming industry.

Alabama Egg Selling Laws

If you’re interested in selling eggs in the state of Alabama, whether that’s a few spare eggs from your backyard chickens or a commercial egg farm, you need to know what the laws and regulations are.

The best resource I can point you to is the Alabama Shell Egg Law. This document takes you through the rules and regulations for selling eggs in the state of Alabama.

You have to be very careful when selling eggs, or any foods for that matter. Consumers need to know exactly what they’re buying, and be confident that the food is as safe as it can be.

What Makes a Good Egg Farm?

The quality and taste of an egg does not depend on the breed of chicken, it depends on the environment and living conditions of the hen that laid it.

There is a saying in the egg industry, “the happier the hen, the healthier they are, the healthier they are, the better their eggs.”

It makes perfect sense. But what exactly makes a hen happy and healthy?

The basic needs of healthy hens are; good quality nutrition, excellent living conditions, and plenty of space to roam.

Ideally, hens should be able to roam free-range as much as they like. When choosing an egg farm to buy from, this is the first thing I’d check.

In addition to having plenty of space, their living conditions should be excellent. This means; safe from predators, not cramped, warm and clean, etc.

The taste of an egg is related to what a hen eats, which shouldn’t come as a surprise.

You can’t always check what commercial food hens are being given, but knowing they’re able to roam free-range and graze on bugs and plants is a huge plus.

If you’re after high-quality eggs, you should always visit an egg farm in person. Most farms welcome this, and it’s a great way to see for yourself how they’re running their business and caring for their hens.

Find an Egg Farm Near You: State Listings


Image credits – Photo by Mads Eneqvist on Unsplash

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