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Thanks for dropping by and reading some of the content here on ChickenandChicksInfo.com.

I’m assuming you’re a backyard chicken enthusiast, just as I am.

I’ve been raising, caring for, enjoying keeping a wide range of chicken breeds for longer than I’m willing to admit. (I’m at that age where large numbers sound scary!)

I’m not a certified poultry vet or medical professional, but I do have a lot of experience raising chickens. I currently work on a city farm – yep, it’s in the middle of a residential area – and I’ve owned backyard chickens before.

I try to share my knowledge as impartially, honestly and be as informative and helpful as I can while publishing articles.

I cover a wide range of topics, but to help you get started I’ve grouped most of them into the following categories:

  • Chickens – In this category, I talk about everything from my favorite chicken breeds, to healthcare tips, homesteading and backyard flock care, and more.
  • Chicks – I separated chickens from chicks because they require very different care. I love hatching and raising chicks, I hope I provide some useful insight and information if you do too.
  • Eggs – Eggs! The reason why so many of us keep chickens. If you want to know which chickens lay chocolate eggs, which eggs taste the best, or anything else to do with eggs please check out this category.
  • Finding Hatcheries – If I can help you find a hatchery near you so you can pick up chicks and start your own backyard flock, I’d be honored! I have built out a listing by state of all the hatcheries I was able to find and verify offer quality chicks. Meaning they are either NPIP certified, have a lot of positive reviews from happy owners, or I’ve heard they have a great reputation.
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If you’re interested in learning more, you can drop by;

More content channels will be coming soon.

Any questions, feel free to drop me a note via the contact form here.

Many thanks again for stopping by, here’s to the joys of keeping backyard chickens and raising chicks!