Egg Farms in Arizona

List of Egg Farms in Arizona – Find Eggs for Sale Near You!

Looking for egg farms in Arizona?

Arizona is home to a large number of small family-run farms, if you’re after fresh produce from ethically kept hens you’re spoiled for choice.

There are also some huge commercial egg farming operations producing millions of eggs every year.

From selling a few eggs from your backyard chickens to starting an egg farm, selling fresh produce is a rewarding – and potentially profitable – business model.

Here is a list of some of the egg farms across Arizona providing fresh eggs:

List of Egg Farms in Arizona

Egg FarmLocationPhoneWebsite
Hickman’s Egg FarmBuckeye,
Lone Cactus Egg FarmBouse,
Inspire FarmsMesa,
Snowflake Eggs IncTaylor, AZ602-698-8805NA
Maya’s FarmPhoenix,
Sunnyside FarmCamp Verde, AZ480-760-1980NA
Heartquist Hollow Family FarmGilbert, AZ907-538-2566NA
Grandma’s FarmPhoenix,
DT FarmsArizona928-350-8518NA
Henry’s Egg FarmPhoenix, AZ760-422-3080NA

Hickman’s Egg Farm

Address – Buckeye, AZ 85326

Phone – 623-872-1120

Contact – NA


Hickman’s Family Farms have been producing fresh eggs from local farms since 1944.

They’re part of the American Humane CertifiedTM program, which means all of their flocks are raised and cared for humanely.

Lone Cactus Egg Farm – Rose Acre Farms

Address – Bouse, AZ 85325

Phone – 928-851-4225

Contact – NA


Rose Acre Farms started out in the 1930s as a family chicken farm in rural Indiana, and has grown to become the second-largest egg producer in the United States.

They have always put the welfare of their hens first, and say they, “go above and beyond requirements and standards to ensure that the chickens are well cared for as an integral component of our egg production operations.“

Inspire Farms – Happy Healthy Organic

Address – Mesa, AZ 85201

Phone – 480-684-2779

Contact – NA


Inspire Farms sells a range of organic feeds and fresh produce. It’s a great place to pick up organic soy and corn free fed eggs.

Snowflake Eggs Inc

Address – Taylor, AZ 85939

Phone – 602-698-8805

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Maya’s Farm

Address – Phoenix, AZ 85042

Phone – 480-236-7097

Contact – NA


Sunnyside Farm

Address – Camp Verde, AZ 86322

Phone – 480-760-1980

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Heartquist Hollow Family Farm

Address – Gilbert, AZ 85295

Phone – 907-538-2566

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Grandma’s Farm

Address – Phoenix, AZ 85041

Phone – 602-237-3319

Contact – NA


DT Farms

Address – Arizona

Phone – 928-350-8518

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Henry’s Egg Farm

Address – Phoenix, AZ 85013

Phone – 760-422-3080

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Not All Eggs Are Equal

If you enjoy eggs and you’ve tried eggs from several farms, you’ll be well aware there can be a huge difference in the taste and quality.

This isn’t to do with the breed of the hen that laid the egg, it’s to do with how the hens are being treated.

You should always look for eggs that are labeled as ‘free range’ or ‘cage free’ as a starting point.

Caged or battery hens are generally kept in dire conditions. Not only is it cruel and inhumane to keep hens caged up all day, but the result is also eggs lacking in taste and nutritional content.

Ideally, hens should have space to roam free-range, be able to graze on bugs and insects, and be fed a high-quality organic feed.

In addition to this, they should have excellent living conditions and a high standard of care.

Happy chickens are healthy chickens, and healthy chickens lay the best eggs. It’s really as simple as that.

Regulations for Selling Eggs in Arizona

If you’re interested in selling eggs in the state of Arizona, there are some rules and regulations you need to be aware of.

At the time of publishing this, the laws were that you’re allowed to sell up to 750 dozen eggs a year without a license.

This is perfect for most backyard chicken owners and gives them an easy way to make a little extra cash without going through too much red tape.

You do still have to register with the Arizona Department of Agriculture though as a “Nest Run Egg Producer” and be careful to label your eggs as “unclassified”.

You can find the Nest Run Egg Producer Information Sheet here.

There are also some regulations around how you have to label your eggs, so I recommend reading that sheet in detail before going ahead and setting up shop.

Find an Egg Farm Near You: State Listings


Image credits – Photo by Mads Eneqvist on Unsplash

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