Egg Farms in South Dakota

List of Egg Farms in South Dakota – Find Suppliers and Egg Farmers Near You

Looking for a list of egg farms in South Dakota?

There are a large number of egg farms and smaller family-run farms producing, selling, and distributing eggs in South Dakota.

Here is a list of some of the best egg farms in South Dakota:

Egg Farms in South Dakota

Egg FarmLocationPhoneWebsite
Dakota Layers, LLPFlandreau,
Mother Duck FarmsSD605-277-8775Instagram Page
Prairiesun Organic & Prairiesun PoultryVermillion,
Sonstegard Foods CoSioux Falls,
Hillsview FarmSpearfish,
AJ Farms 605Belle Fourche, SD605-569-0687NA
Berrybrook OrganicsMarion,
Nom Nom GardensSioux Falls,

Dakota Layers, LLP

Address – Flandreau, SD

Phone – 605-997-2271

Contact – NA


Mother Duck Farms

Address – 

Phone – 605-277-8775

Contact – NA

Website Instagram Page

Prairiesun Organic & Prairiesun Poultry

Address – Vermillion, SD

Phone – 605-624-1966

Contact – NA


Sonstegard Foods Co

Address – Sioux Falls, SD

Phone – 800-533-3184

Contact – NA


Hillsview Farm

Address – Spearfish, SD

Phone – 605-644-6484

Contact – NA


AJ Farms 605

Address – Belle Fourche, SD

Phone – 605-569-0687

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Berrybrook Organics

Address – Marion, SD

Phone – 605-925-7038

Contact – NA


Nom Nom Gardens

Address – Sioux Falls, SD

Phone – NA

Contact – NA


Can I Sell Chicken Eggs in South Dakota?

Starting an egg farm or selling eggs from your backyard flock or homestead in South Dakota is a great idea.

You have to be aware of the rules, regulations, and laws, but it’s not that difficult to become an egg seller or distributor.

The best place to start is by reading through the Codified Laws for Eggs and Egg Products on the South Dakota Legislature website.

This document takes you through:

  • Licensing requirements
  • Annual fees
  • Regulations
  • Regulations governing grading, production, and distribution standards
  • Candling and handling requirements
  • How to package eggs for sale
  • And more

Do I Need a License to Sell Eggs in South Dakota?

The first question most people ask is whether or not they need a license to start selling eggs, and how much it costs.

You should always do your own due diligence based on what type of business you’re running, but to help out; 39-11-2 of the South Dakota Legislature states:

“No person shall engage in the business of buying, selling, processing, candling, grading, packing, or distributing eggs in South Dakota without having first obtained such license as may be required under the provisions of this chapter except:

  • Retailers buying eggs from dealers licensed under the provisions of this chapter exclusively;
  • Producers selling and delivering their own production exclusively to consumers; and
  • Grocery wholesalers distributing to retail outlets eggs purchased from dealers licensed under the provisions of this chapter.

Not All Eggs Are Equal

If you enjoy eggs – and I’m sure you do – you’ll be well aware there can be a huge difference in the taste and quality of one egg to another.

This is because not all eggs are equal – far from it.

The interesting thing is that the taste is not to do with the breed of the hen that laid the egg, it’s to do with how the hens are being treated at the farm.

At the least, you should always look for eggs that are labeled as ‘free range’ or ‘cage free’ as a starting point.

Caged or battery hens are generally kept in dire conditions. It’s a dated practice – that does still happen – but it’s cruel and inhumane to keep hens caged up all day.

Not only is it inhumane, but caged hens’ eggs suffer in quality as a result. The only ‘plus’, if you can call it that, is that these eggs cost less.

But trust me, it’s not worth saving a few pennies for eggs that taste so much worse than ethically produced eggs.

In addition to this, hens deserve to have excellent living conditions. They should be treated well, fed a good quality feed, and have a high standard of care.

Happy chickens are healthy chickens, and healthy chickens lay the best eggs. This is why I always look into how egg farms treat their chickens.

You’ll notice that any farm with ethical and healthy practices will be proud to talk about it on their site and plaster it all over their egg boxes.

Find an Egg Farm Near You: State Listings


Image credits – Photo by Mads Eneqvist on Unsplash

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