Egg Farms in Michigan

Egg Farms in Michigan – Find Eggs For Sale Near You!

Looking for egg farms in Michigan?

Michigan is in the top ten states in the U.S. for egg production, and the egg industry is worth somewhere in the region of $1.5 billion a year.

From backyard and homestead egg sellers to huge egg farms with hundreds of thousands of layers, the egg business is thriving in Michigan.

Whether you’re thinking of starting your own business, or want to find a supplier, here is a list of some of the best egg farms in Michigan.

List of Egg Farms in Michigan

Egg FarmLocationPhoneWebsite
Vande Bunte EggsSt. Martin,
Sunrise Acres Egg FarmsHudsonville,
Herbruck’s Egg FarmSaranac,
Grazing Fields Egg FarmCharlotte,
Schipper Eggs LLCHolland, MI269-751-4981NA
Stone Hedge FarmMason, MI517-676-9271NA
Farm Crest Foods Egg PlantPigeon,
Godfrey’s Poultry & EggsFlint, MI810-232-1399NA
Flying Eagle Konos IncMartin, MI269-672-7266NA

Vande Bunte Eggs

Address – St. Martin, MI 49070

Phone – 269-672-7266

Contact – NA


Vande Bunte Eggs began in 1946. The business was the second facility in the U.S. to be “Colony Enriched Housing”, which is a higher standard of welfare than traditional housing.

Vande Bunte Eggs has grown to house more than 520,000 hens at one location, and 350,000 at another.

Sunrise Acres Egg Farms

Address – Hudsonville, MI

Phone – 616-896-9827

Contact – NA


Sunrise Acres Egg Farms started as a 100 layer farm back in 1949. Fast forward to today, Sunrise Acres is being run by the third generation of the family owners.

Herbruck’s Egg Farm

Address – Saranac, MI

Phone – 616-642-9421

Contact – NA


Herbruck’s mission statement reads; It’s our mission to bring some wholesome goodness back into the world. We “respect the bird, love the egg.”

That’s a mission I can support. If you’re local to Herbruck’s or know a retailer selling their eggs, I recommend supporting them.

Grazing Fields Egg Farm

Address – Charlotte, MI 48813

Phone – 517-231-2240

Contact – NA


Schipper Eggs LLC

Address – Holland, MI 49423

Phone – 269-751-4981

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Stone Hedge Farm

Address – Mason, MI 48854

Phone – 517-676-9271

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Farm Crest Foods Egg Plant

Address – Pigeon, MI 48755

Phone – 989-453-2472

Contact – NA


Godfrey’s Poultry & Eggs

Address – Flint, MI 48502

Phone – 810-232-1399

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Flying Eagle Konos Inc

Address – Martin, MI 49070

Phone – 269-672-7266

Contact – NA

Website – NA

Additional Resources

If you’re interested in becoming an egg farmer or selling eggs in any form, it can be a profitable and rewarding business.

It’s important to know that depending on what type of business you want to start, you may need some form of license.

In addition, you need to understand what the operational requirements are, best practices, how to handle and package eggs, and more of the regulations. 

As with most food products, there are some strict guidelines as to how you have to handle, market, and manage your business and the eggs you sell.

You can read more about how to become a Michigan licensed shell egg processor in this document.

Another great resource is the Michigan Allied Poultry Industries. This site provides loads of information about the egg farming industry in Michigan.

They share some great facts, like; Michigan ranks 6th in the nation for the number of eggs produced, more than 4 billion eggs are produced each year, and the egg industry is worth an estimated $1.4 billion!

Not All Eggs Are Equal!

If you enjoy eggs – and I’m sure you do – you’ll be well aware there can be a huge difference in the taste and quality of an egg.

Not all eggs are equal – far from it.

It’s not to do with the breed of the hen that laid the egg, either, it’s to do with how the hens are being treated at the farm.

You should always look for eggs that are labeled as ‘free range’ or ‘cage free’ as a starting point.

Caged or battery hens are generally kept in dire conditions. It’s a dated practice – that does still happen – but it’s cruel and inhumane to keep hens caged up all day.

Not only is it inhumane, but caged hens also produce eggs that are lacking in taste and nutritional content.

Trust me, when you’ve put a caged egg to the test against an egg produced by a free-range hen, you’ll never go back.

In addition to this, hens should have excellent living conditions, a good quality feed, and a high standard of care.

Happy chickens are healthy chickens, and healthy chickens lay the best eggs. It’s really as simple as that.

Find an Egg Farm Near You: State Listings


Image credits – Photo by Mads Eneqvist on Unsplash

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