White Chicken Dream Meaning

White Chicken Dream Meaning Interpretations Explained!

If you’re having dreams that feature white chickens, you’re right to be curious as to what it may mean.

Fortunately, dreams about white chickens are not that uncommon and we have a good amount of data and testimonials to work with.

Here is a look at some of the dream scenarios including white chickens and what the interpretations are believed to be:

White Chicken Dream Meanings

First of all, I want to explain the meaning of symbolism behind seeing a white-colored chicken in particular.

White is a spiritual, brilliant, pure, and interesting color to see in a dream. Especially in the form of an animal.

Bright white animals typically embody peace, rebirth, a new start, energy, and enlightenment.

White peacocks, doves, sheep, and wolves are some of the most popular animals that present themselves in dreams and bring good luck and fortune with them.

But is this the same for white chickens? Does seeing a white chicken represent a new start, a spiritual connection, and similar?

Not always, it really depends on what else is in your dream and what the chicken is doing as I’ll explain.

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Seeing a Dead White Chicken Dream Meaning Explained

Dreaming of dead animals is almost always a bad sign, and this is certainly the case if you’re seeing dead white chickens in your dreams.

A live white chicken can mean good fortune, good luck, enlightenment, and represent good things coming in your life…

So, I’m sorry to say that seeing a dead white chicken is likely to represent the opposite.

If you can remember what else is surrounding the dead white chicken in your dream, you may be able to understand more about what it may mean.

Was the chicken alone? This may represent loneliness in your life, the end of a chapter, or on a more severe note, a loss of something/someone important to you.

Seeing a Live White Chicken Dream Meaning Explained

Seeing a live white chicken in a dream is a wonderful and encouraging sight, I hope you can remember more about the overall picture to help take a deeper dive into the meaning.

White chickens – and this is the case for most animals – represent awakening, enlightenment, peace, purity, spirituality, transformation, and other positive signs.

What was the chicken doing in your dream?

If the chicken was just going about its business as a chicken would, this likely means that good fortune, good luck, and other positive things are in your future.

Look for signs of transformation, your dreams could be subconsciously trying to tell you that you’re going to go through a rebirth or transformation soon.

Dream About Killing a White Chicken Meaning

If you or someone else is killing a white chicken in your dream, this is a warning that something bad may be in your future.

For some people, this means they’re not ready to embrace a spiritual connection, enlightenment, or meet a transformation in their life head-on.

You need to ask yourself some honest questions about your life, and why it may be that you need to make some serious changes – but aren’t ready.

It doesn’t have to be an entirely negative experience. The fact that you’re seeing a white chicken is positive, it’s the death in your dream that is negative.

I’ve known people that have addressed certain issues in their lives and turned these dreams into seeing healthy white chickens.

From there, they were able to make a spiritual connection to what seeing a white chicken means, and make some positive connections to progress in their lives.

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What Does a Chicken Symbolize Spiritually?

Chickens – both hens and roosters – have appeared in symbols, superstitions, and religions around the world for thousands of years.

There are a number of meanings behind what a chicken symbolizes spiritually, it depends on the individual person and the specific dream.

But generally speaking, chickens are a symbol of parental and spiritual love.

There are few bonds as strong as a mother hen looking after her chicks. Just as there are few animals that have survived as adeptly as chickens have in the wild over thousands of years.

Chickens are self-sacrificing, protective, nurturing, and provide us with high-quality nutrition.

Seeing a chicken in your dreams is almost certainly going to be positive.

It’s likely to resemble a connection you have with another person, the spiritual side, and can help you connect the dots with something positive happening in your life.

In Summary

Having vivid or lucid dreams about something as specific as a white chicken can leave you with a profound feeling and a need to understand what it represents.

I know how it feels to have vivid dreams that leave you with the feeling of needing to know what it means.

I hope this post has helped shed some light on the symbolism and meanings of seeing white chickens in dreams.

Dreams are very personal and specific to the person having them. It’s hard to focus on dreams as they’re happening, but the more you can remember, the better.

If you can try and take in the broader picture and pick up more details next time you have a dream, it’ll help you better understand the meaning.


Image credits – Photo by Kashif Afridi on Unsplash

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