Spiritual Meaning of a Triple Yolk Egg

Spiritual Meaning of a Triple Yolk Egg (Explained!)

Interested in the spiritual meaning of a triple yolk egg? Finding a triple yolk is incredibly rare, it’s believed to be a sign of good luck and symbolize a new beginning and something special in your future!

If you’ve cracked open an egg only to see three yolks drop out, you’ve just experienced a 25 million to 1 miracle!

Not only can you consider yourself lucky to see three yolks, it’s also believed to bring a lot of good luck. Here’s a look at some of the other meanings associated with a triple yolker, and some background on why hens lay these special eggs.

What Does a Triple Yolk Egg Symbolize? 

I’m going to be completely honest, I’ve never had a triple yolk myself. I know a couple of people who have, and I’m envious of them, but I’ve never had one myself.

I eat a lot of eggs, so I’m still hopeful. Anyhow, I’ve done some research into what it means spiritually and from a superstition standpoint if you do find a triple yolk, and here’s what we know:

It symbolizes good luck – Finding a triple yolk is incredibly lucky in itself. In addition to this, it’s also believed that you’re going to have some good luck coming your way if you do have one.

Triplets may be on the horizon – Just a double yolk suggests you or someone close to you is going to have twins, a triple yolk means that triplets are in the future for someone you know.

A new beginning – Some people, and I think this comes from Christaniy, believe that finding more than one yolk inside an egg is a sign of new beginnings. Exactly what this means for you is yet to be seen, you’ll have to wait and find out.

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Is a Triple Yolk Good Luck?

Yes, this is the foundation that most of the meanings behind finding a double yolk is based on.

If you find a triple yolk, you can both consider yourself lucky to have found one – and if you choose to believe it, assume that some good luck is coming your way in the future.

Either way, it’s a great way to start the day if you were having eggs for breakfast!

How Rare Is a Triple Yolk Egg?

Gathering up as many estimations as I could, the odds are finding a triple yolk egg is somewhere in the region of 25 million to 1.

That makes it incredibly rare.

So, if you’ve had one or even more than one before, you know you’re in a fairly exclusive club.

It’s not as simple as always being 25 million to 1, however. Some hens are more likely to lay a triple yolk than others.

It can be hereditary, but we do know that is more more closely related to hormonal changes or imbalances.

For this reason, young hens that have just started laying eggs and older hens near the end of their laying life are most likely to lay triple yolks.

Some egg farmers have processes to identify eggs that have more than one yolk and will separate them from the production line.

They will then sell them separately, making it much more likely that you’re able to get one yourself.

It takes a bit of the magic and surprise away if you know you’re buying eggs that have either a double or triple yolk, but it’s still a cool and fun experience.

Why Do Chickens Lay Triple Yolks?

It’s fairly easy to explain why hens lay triple yolk eggs. It happens because when a hen starts creating an egg she releases a yolk – or more than one in this case.

Hens that have an hormone imbalance or their reproductive systems are not fully matured are more likely to ‘accidentally’ release more than one yolk to start the egg creation process.

It’s really as simple as that. There aren’t any specific breeds that lay them, it’s not a mutation, and it doesn’t mean the hen was trying to lay two eggs.

We know that very young hens that have just started laying are most likely to lay triple yolk eggs, and there is also an increased chance when a hen is near the end of their laying days.

Again, both situations where a hen’s reproductive system is not fully matured, which causes this rare occurrence.

Is It Safe to Eat a Triple Yolk Egg?

Once the sheer surprise of seeing three yolks drop out of an eggshell subsidies, you should enjoy the eggs as you would had there been just one yolk.

Triple yolks are perfectly safe and fine to eat. It’s not like something went ‘wrong’ during the process, there is just simply more than one yolk.

In fact, you could look at it as an added bonus. The yolk contains most of the good nutrition (not the protein, that’s the white) so you’re getting three times the goodness!

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In Summary

If you’re lucky enough to crack open a triple yolk, you’re one in about 25 million to 1!

It’s also supposed to mean that good luck is going to come your way, so that’s something to keep in mind.

The spiritual meaning of a triple yolk revolves around a new birth, being reborn and regenerated, good fortune in your future, and a lot of other positive things – consider yourself lucky!


Image credits – Image by Irenna86 from Pixabay

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