What Does It Mean to Dream of Baby Chickens Hatching

What Does It Mean to Dream of Baby Chickens Hatching? (Explained)

Analyzing and figuring out what it means when we dream about certain things can be incredibly enlightening and freeing.

I’ve had a number of recurring dreams over the years – and it was only by taking a deep, psychological look into these dreams that helped me really understand them.

If you’ve been dreaming of baby chickens hatching, I hope I can help you do the same.

In this article, I’m taking a look at what dreaming of baby chickens hatching means, some of the spiritual beliefs, and hopefully, help you understand what it says about your future:

What Does It Mean to Dream of Baby Chickens Hatching?

There are a few meanings and interpretations for dreaming about chicks hatching, the most common are:

Something Unpredictable Is Coming

Seeing a chick hatching from its shell is believed to resemble something unpredictable ‘hatching’ or appearing in your life in the near future.

This can mean almost anything, but if you take a good look at your life right now you might be able to find some answers.

Dreams like this often creep into our subconscious when we’re thinking about something on a daily basis.

Is there an event or something out of the ordinary coming up in your future? Are you anxious about something happening?

You’re Ready for a ‘Rebirth’

Seeing a chick enter the world is one of life’s miracles. It not only symbolizes new life, or a new birth, it literally is the act of new life entering the world.

If you’re having a recurring dream of chicks hatching, this may symbolize you’re ready for rebirth in your life.

Take an honest assessment of how your life is going right now; both personally and professionally.

Are you in need of a rebirth? If so, your brain or spirit might be a few steps ahead and trying to tell you so.

Time to Let Go of Something

Along the lines of a rebirth, seeing a chick hatching might also mean you’re in need of letting go of something.

This is a meaning that I have some experience with. Many years ago, a close friend was having dreams of chicks hatching, growing wings, and flying away.

These dreams troubled him for many months, and we would often talk about it.

It was only after he spoke to an oneirocritic, which is the word for someone who specializes in interpreting dreams, that he finally understood what it meant.

The oneirocritic gave him a few things to think about but said he was almost certain these dreams were telling my friend he needed to let go of something that was troubling him.

My friend hadn’t spoken to his father for a few years due to a small disagreement that had ‘spiraled out of control’ to use his own words.

Well, he figured this might be the cause so he reached out and contacted his dad. They made amends, and his dreams stopped that very night!

A Nurturing Relationship

There are few nurturing relationships as strong as a mother hen and her chicks. Seeing new chicks represents this, and may tie into a relationship in your life.

You may be the ‘mother hen’ in the relationship, or you may be the ‘chick’. This is something only you will be able to figure out the answer to.

You may be in need of – or lacking – that nurturing relationship in your life. Or you might feel that you’re ready to break free from the relationship.

Alternatively, you might be in the role of nurturer, and the person under your wing does not need you as much as they used to and it’s time to let go.

It’s a deep interpretation that requires some introspection and observation of your own emotional and physical situation.

What Do Baby Chickens Symbolize?

In Christianity (Matthew 23:37), baby chickens invoke the symbol of love and a nurturing relationship between the mother hen and the chick.

The hen symbolizes Christian and maternal love: self-sacrificing, nurturing, comforting, and protective.

Chicks symbolize new life, being reborn, and a new start. So, some overlap with the dream interpretations as covered above.

What Is the Meaning of Picking Eggs in a Dream?

Eggs have a deep, spiritual connection to the symbolism of new life and new beginnings, as well as financial and personal success.

Therefore, seeing eggs in a dream often ties into something new and exciting happening in your life.

If you’re filling a basket with eggs in your dreams, this can symbolize that you’re doing well – or about to do well – financially.

A bit like how a nest egg is a term for saving up money for the future, this can cross over into our subconscious as we dream.

Where this can mean the opposite is if you’re picking rotten or broken eggs in a dream. This may symbolize loss or failure and may resemble things going wrong in your life.

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In Summary

I covered some of the meanings behind dreaming of baby chickens, eggs, and seeing chicks hatch – I hope it’s helped bring some clarity to why you’re having the dreams you are.

Dream interruption can be incredibly powerful and have a profound and impactful effect on our lives.

Tying dreams to events in real life helps join the dots between our spiritual and physical worlds. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for!


Image credits – Photo by Muhammad Syafi Al – adam on Unsplash

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