What Is a Young Male Chicken Called

What Is a Young Male Chicken Called? (+ Other Chook Terms)

What is a young male chicken called? A young male chicken is called a Cockerel. This is term typically given to a male chicken that is less than a year old. After a year, or when they mature and start mating they become roosters.

The world of chickens can get a little confusing at times as they are lots of different terms, names, and terminology to learn.

Here is a list of everything you should ever need to know:

Terms for Baby Chickens

Sexed Chicks – As the name suggests, this is the term for new chicks that have been sexed so the seller is (fairly) sure if they’re selling males or females.

Straight-Run Chicks – It’s difficult sexing newborn chicks. A lot of sellers will sell them in batches of “as-hatched” unsexed chicks, these are called straight run chicks.

Chick – The common name for a baby chicken.

Peep – Another term commonly used for very young chicks.

Terms for Female Chickens

Pullet – A female chicken that is less than a year old and typically not laying eggs yet.

Point-of-Lay – A point-of-lay is a chicken that is about to start laying. This is will typically mean they are around 17 to 20 weeks of age.

Broody – A broody hen is a mother hen that is either sitting on eggs waiting for them to hatch, or mothering new hew chicks.

Hen – A hen is a mature female chicken that has started laying eggs.

Terms and names for male and female chickens and chicks

Terms for Male Chickens

Cockerel – A cockerel is a young male chicken. Usually up to a year in age or when they start mating.

Capon – A capon is a neutered rooster.

Rooster – A rooster is a male chicken, this is what cockerels become when they have matured.

Roo – The word roo is basically just a slang term for a rooster, it comes from “roo”-ster.

Collective Nouns for Chickens

Here are the terms used for groups of chickens:

Flock – Flock is the word generally used to describe a group of birds, and it’s used as a collective noun for chickens.

A flock can mean a group of male and female chickens, a group of hens, or a group of roosters.

Brood – A brood is a group of baby chicks that were hatched together. It’s also sometimes the word used to describe a group of hens.

Clutch – Ever heard the term, “clutch of eggs”. Well, you have now. This is the correct word for a group of eggs underneath a broody hen or the chicks that have just hatched.

Other Chicken-Related Terms

Here are some more useful chicken-related terms and words you should know:

Bantam – If you’re learning about chickens, you have to check out bantams. They are miniature chickens, usually around half the size of less. Perfect for backyard flocks in built-up urban areas.

Broiler – A broiler chicken is one that is being bred and raised for its meat. They typically reach their slaughter weight in just 14 weeks.

Chook – Chook is another word for chicken, like a slang term. It’s most popularly used in Australia and the UK.

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