What Is a Young Female Chicken Called

What Is a Young Female Chicken Called? (+ Other Chook Terms)

What is a young female chicken called? A young female chicken is called a Pullet. This is the term that is typically given to female chickens that are less than a year old. When they are laying eggs they are classified as hens.

There are various other names, terminology, and classifications for chickens, here’s a breakdown of what all the different names mean:

Terms for Baby Chickens

Sexed Chicks – These are chicks that have been sexed and separated into males and females. Basically, pullets and cockerels.

Straight-Run ChicksStright run chicks are just groups of chicks bought “as-hatched” without knowing if they are male or female.

Chick – The common name for a baby chicken.

Peep – Another term for baby chickens.

Terms for Female Chickens

Pullet – A female chicken that is less than a year old and typically not laying eggs yet.

Point-of-Lay – A point-of-lay is a female chicken that is about to start laying. This is breed-dependant, but will typically be around 5 months of age.

Broody – A broody hen is a mother hen that is either sitting on eggs waiting for them to hatch, or mothering new hew chicks.

Hen – A term we’re all familiar with. A female chicken becomes a hen when she starts laying eggs and is mature.

Terms and names for male and female chickens

Terms for Male Chickens

CockerelA cockerel is the male equivalent of a Pullet. It’s an immature male that hasn’t started mating yet.

Capon – A capon is a neutered rooster.

Rooster – Rooster, or cock, is the term for a fully mature male chicken. Generally speaking, they are roosters once they are a year old or have started mating.

Roo – The term “roo” is just a shortened version of rooster, like a slang term.

Collective Nouns for Chickens

Here are the terms used for groups of chickens:

Flock – This is the most commonly used term as it is the word that generally describes a group of birds.

A flock can mean a group of male and female chickens or a group of hens.

Brood – A brood is a group of baby chicks that were hatched together. It’s also sometimes the word used to describe a group of hens.

Clutch – Clutch is the term used for the group of eggs a broody hen sit sitting on, and the group of just-hatched chicks.

Other Chicken-Related Terms

If all of these terms were not enough, here are some other commonly used terms you’ll need to understand:

BantamBantam chickens are breeds of smaller chickens. They are typically a third to half the size of a regular chicken (and are super cute).

Boiler – A not so commonly used term to describe a chicken that is between 6-9 months of age.

Broiler – A broiler is a chicken that is bred and raised for its meat.

Chook – This is just a slang term for chickens. It’s used mostly in the UK and Australia, I use it myself because I think it sounds kinda cool.

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