What Is a Group of Roosters Called

What Is a Group of Roosters Called?

If a group of chickens is called a flock, and a group of hens is called a brood – what is a group of roosters called?

Well, unfortunately, there is no special name for a collective of roosters – a group of roosters is also called a flock.

What Is a Group of Chickens and Roosters Called?

A group of chickens that includes hens and roosters is also called a flock. You can use the word flock for just about any group of birds, no matter which genders make it up.

Why Isn’t There a Word for a Group of Roosters?

When Does a Cockerel Become a Rooster

It’s probably because you don’t often see a group of roosters together. A group of hens is very common, they get on great together and are happy spending time in a group.

Roosters, on the other hand, do not always get along so well. They can become very territorial and protective over their space and the hens they perceive as “theirs”.

Typically, backyard chicken keepers and farmers will have one rooster per 10 or so hens. Some keep multiple roosters without issue, but only when they do not have hens.

So, the lack of groups of roosters is probably why there hasn’t been a phrase or word coined to describe them – because you’d never need to use it.

Some Interesting Facts About Roosters

A rooster is an adult male chicken.

The scientific name for a rooster is Gallus domesticus.

Roosters have an expected lifespan of 15 years.

Roosters are omnivores and typically eat fruits, grains, veg and herbs, and peck at all kinds of insects.

You can tell a rooster apart from a hen because:

  • Their feathers are more pointed than round;
  • They have thicker legs with sharp spurs;
  • Their combs are larger and more upright;
  • They have brighter, more vibrant colors;

Roosters crow very loudly to announce sunrise – much to the annoyance of those trying to have a nice sleep in!

Why Do Roosters Crow?

On the topic of crowing, almost everyone who has a rooster asks themselves why they have to crow every morning at some time.

I can help explain, according to EarthSky it’s because:

Most animals have some kind of daily cycle controlled by their internal circadian rhythm. In the case of a rooster, it’s anticipating sunrise.

They also crow to letting other roosters know they’re there and this is their territory. It’s kind of like flexing to intimidate other roosters, the louder they can crow the higher up the hierarchy they will be.

Sunrise means that it’s time to start the day. Roosters and hens wake naturally, and with the help of a crowing rooster, everyone knows it’s time for sunrise. Roosters will also crow to alert hens of any danger, or when they find food.

The real issue comes when a rooster’s internal clock is a little out of sync and they’re growing too early in the morning. They don’t know it’s too early, it’s something that happens naturally to them, not consciously.

This video is a compilation of some of the loudest, most crow-est, and best examples of roosters crowing – I recommend checking it out if you need a reminder of what a rooster crowing sounds like!

Do Rooster Make Good Pets?

If you’re thinking of getting a rooster, they do actually make for great pets.

If you raise them from chicks and socialize them with humans they are very affectionate and happy to be handled. They will follow you around, alert you by crowing if they see a predator – and even wake you at 3 am sometimes!

Ok, so that’s one of the downsides.

They make awesome pets, though. If you’ve ever seen one roaming around a farm you’ll see they get on well with other animals. They enjoy the company of hens, of course, but you can consider getting just a rooster if you don’t want all the work involved in keeping hens too.

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