What Is a Showgirl Silkie

What Is a Showgirl Silkie? (A Look at This Cute & Unique Chicken)

A showgirl Silkie is one of the most interesting and adorable looking chickens (not just my opinion). It’s no surprise, as they are a combination of two of the most unique, or “weird” looking breeds; Silkies and Turkens (Transylvanian Naked Necks).

What’s So Special About Showgirls?

Well, just take a look at the video below and I think you’ll see why there is so much buzz around this type of chicken:

Have you seen a more interesting and cute looking chicken?.

What Is a Showgirl Silkie?

A showgirl Silkie is a type of chicken that has been selectively bred to combine the features of a Turken, also known as a Transylvanian Naked Neck, and a Silkie.

Which explains why they look like Silkies with long, bald necks!

Turkens are a breed of chicken that has no feathers on its neck. They look a lot like turkeys because of this, and it’s commonly thought that they are a cross between a chicken and a turkey.

This is not true though. Turkens are 100% chickens, they just happen to have no neck feathers. Giving them the appearance that they have much longer necks.

Silkies are bantam chickens that have a distinctive, soft, furry plumage. Their feathers are different because they lack the barbicels that normally hold feathers in place on chickens.

They are soft and fuzzy to touch, and combined with their friendly personality make for a popular and personable backyard breed.

Showgirls are relatively new to the scene. It looks like they can be traced back to about 10 years or so. That really isn’t long compared to established breeds that go back hundreds of years.

So, as the name suggests, they’re clearly more of a “show” breed.

What Are Frizzle and Sizzle Showgirl Chickens?

What Are Frizzle and Sizzle Showgirl Chickens

You may have heard the words “frizzle” and “sizzle” being used to describe chickens. These are two words used to describe the feathers on certain chickens.

Frizzles and the word “frizzle” is used to describe chickens with feathers that curl outwards.

Sizzles are basically a combination of frizzle and Silkie feathers. They have a fuzzy appearance, but are also curled out. 

So, now you know. Frizzle, sizzle, frazzle, or Silkie, it’s all to do with what type of feathers they have and their appearance. (Quite the tongue twister sentence!)

Apart from Silkies, it’s not a breed, although some breeds are more prone to having a frizz or sizz coat.

So, you can have a Cornish frizzle, Plymouth Rock sizzle, and so on.

Do Showgirl Chickens Lay Eggs?

Yes, showgirls aren’t just for show – they lay eggs too!

Silkie showgirls lay eggs the same as regular Silkies. That means you can expect around 90-110 small, cream-colored eggs.

It’s worth noting that while they lay fewer eggs than the typical prolific backyard layers, like Rhode Island Reds and Sussex, Silkies are great mothers.

They tend to go broody easily. If you want to hatch some Silkies or showgirls yourself, they’re one of the easier breeds to turn broody. I don’t recommend trying to produce showgirls yourself though, that’s best left to experienced breeders.

Where To Find Silkie Showgirls for Sale

My go-to place to buy chickens and chicks online is Cackle Hatchery. At the time of writing this, unfortunately, I couldn’t see they had any showgirls for sale.

It’s still worth checking though. Available chicks are always changing throughout the year.

Other places you could try are:

Looking for local hatcheries – You can check hatchery listings by state here.

Facebook Groups – There are some awesome poultry groups on Facebook. I won’t start listing them here because there are far too many and you should start with local groups.

Forums – It can be a bit hit or miss on forums and they aren’t as active as years gone by. There is a large community of backyard chicken keepers that use forums though.

When you do find someone selling showgirls, please take the time to verify you’re buying from a reputable breeder. Ask loads of questions, look for reviews, check they are a legit business, and so on.

Showgirl Rooster – Still a “Showgirl?”

I know what you’re thinking, what about roosters bred with the same genes. They can’t be showgirls too, can they?

Actually, they can.

Roosters or male chickens bred as a cross between Silkies and Turkans are also called showgirls.

The best way you can tell if you have a male or a female when they’re chicks or maturing is to look at their comb, wattles, and crest.

Showgirl roosters typically develop larger combs and wattles at an earlier age much like regular roosters. They also tend to have streamers, which is the name for longer feathers sticking out behind their comb.

There will come a time when you know for sure though. Silkies aren’t the loudest crowers, but they will start to crow from about 5 months of age if they’re male!

In Summary

Hopefully, you’re now up to speed on the following chicken-related terminology surrounding; showgirls, frazzles, sizzles, and frizzles.

If you’re looking for a unique and different breed of chicken, it doesn’t get much more unique and interesting than a showgirl!

I recommend trying to find a breeder near you that you can talk to. Ask them loads of questions, get a better understanding of what you’re in for – then pick a few up!


Image credits – Showgirl Silkie photo by Anna Armburst on Pixabay, and Frizzle chicken photo by Jordan White on Unsplash

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