Do Silkie Roosters Crow

Do Silkie Roosters Crow? (Yes, Video Included)

Silkie roosters do crow, yes. Generally speaking, they are usually able to start crowing from around 3 months old. Not all Silkie roosters will crow, some are louder than others, and their crow is certainly less tame than most breeds.

Are Silkie Roosters Loud?

The first question most people ask when adding a rooster to their flock is, “how loud will it be?”

This is understandable. If you’re in an urban area or have neighbors within earshot, they certainly don’t want to be woken by a rooster’s early morning call.

In fact, you should always check your local laws regarding owning roosters. It’s simply not permitted in a lot of areas or has some specific restrictions attached for this very reason.

To be honest, I think most backyard chicken owners could do without being woken themselves by a noisy rooster.

The problem is, however, that roosters will do what roosters do – they crow at sunrise.

One of the good things about Silkies roosters – of which there are loads of good points – is that they are typically not as loud as other breeds.

Which doesn’t really come as a huge surprise as they are smaller than most breeds.

The real answer to whether or not a Silkie is loud and how often it’ll crow is – I can’t say for sure. No one can.

I’ve spoken with some owners that say their Silkies seldom crow, while others say it’s daily. They’re perfectly capable of crowing though, so keep that in mind.

If you’ve never had the please of hearing a Silkie rooster crow, here’s a short video:

Quite tame really, isn’t it?

Why Is My Silkie Hen Crowing?

If you think you heard one of your hens crowing, you’re not going crazy.

Hens can crow. Not just Silkie hens, but hens of any breed can crow. It’s rare, but it happens.

It usually happens if you had a rooster, and for some reason no longer have him. Sometimes a hen will take their place and start crowing.

Or, it may be a show of dominance from the hen that is top of the pecking order within the flock.

Whatever the reason, it’s funny at first. But can soon become annoying, especially if you don’t have a rooster or got rid of one because you didn’t want the crowing!

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Are Silkie Roosters Aggressive?

When keeping a rooster in a flock, the next question after how noisy they are is always, “how aggressive are they?”

Silkies roosters may be small, but they’re still roosters and are capable of defending their flock. They are perfectly capable of being aggressive, both to other chickens and you.

Speaking with other owners, the general conscious is that they are one of the less aggressive breeds.

They certainly have a much more calm and docile temperament than for example, the Cornish or the Old English Game Fowl – two breeds known for being aggressive.

Do Silkie Roosters Have Spurs?

Do Silkie Roosters Have Spurs

Silkie roosters grow spurs just as any male chickens do.

Also, just like other breeds, their spurs can vary a great deal in how long and sharp they are. As well as at what age they will start to grow.

Do Silkie Roosters Have Red Combs?

There are variants of Silkies that have red combs, but they’re not pure Silkies.

Pure Silkies have black or dark purple colored walnut combs. It’s one of their most easily identifiable features, and along with their fuzzy fur is what gives Silkies their unique look.

Sometimes their combs and wattles blend in their skin, as their skin is also black. Or, not surprisingly their fur will cover them up. But if you take a close look, I’m sure you’ll find them.

How Many Roosters Should I Have?

The general rule of thumb when keeping roosters is to have one for every 10 or so hens, and this applies to flocks of Silkies.

The main issue with having more than one rooster in a flock is that they might fight with each other over territory and the hens. They will try and establish who is in charge aka the top of the pecking order.

Roosters can get very nasty and do considerable damage if left alone for a long time.

There is also the issue of excessive mating, causing harm and distress to your hens. And, when there’s more than one rooster, they make a lot more noise.

If you have a large flock, greater than 10 hens, then I’m going to assume you’re experienced raising backyard chickens and know how to handle more than one rooster.

For beginners or anyone who hasn’t kept more than one rooster before, I recommend sticking to one for all of the above-mentioned reasons.

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In Summary

There you have it, everything you could and should need to know about Silkie roosters.

Silkies do crow – they have a unique and rather tame crow – but there is a lot more to these fluffy chickens than that.

It’s no surprise they are one of the most popular breeds of backyard chicken. Largely due to their friendly and personable temperament, and being so much fun to raise and interact with.


Image credits – Photos by Gambar oleh zoosnow and RJA1988 dari Pixabay

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