How Many Legs Does a Peacock Have

How Many Legs Does a Peacock Have? (Answered)

Wondering how many legs a peacock has? It’s not that silly of a question as most people haven’t been up close to one; peacocks have 2 legs and 2 wings, so that’s 4 limbs in total.

In this article, I’m going to explain how peacocks use their legs, claws, spurs, toes, and more!

Do Peacocks Have Legs?

It may sound like an obvious question, but I’ve heard people ask if peacocks have legs before.

Peacocks, which are male peafowl, have two thin, scaly legs, much like chickens and most other birds.

The anatomy of a bird’s leg is quite different from ours. If you look at a peacock walking, you’ll see their legs are bent backward from their feet.

This is because the first joint you see on a bird’s leg is its ankle. The next bone leads up to the knee which is tucked in close to their bodies.

How Many Toes Do Peacocks Have?

Peacocks have 4 toes. If you look at a peacock’s foot, you’ll see 3 toes spread out on the front of their foot, and one at the rear.

This provides a solid base for them to balance, and combined with their raised ankle joint it means they can spring into action quickly if needed.

You may also have noticed what looks like a 5th toe or digit higher up on the rear of their feet.

This isn’t a toe, it’s a spur. Peacocks – and a lot of other birds – have spurs as a tool they can use as a weapon.

These hard, sharp, pointy bones are capable of doing some serious damage. A peacock will raise its legs and try to slash or stab whatever creature they’re fighting with.

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Do Peacocks Have Toes or Claws?

Technically speaking, peacocks have both toes and claws. Peacocks have four toes, and each toe has a claw on it.

They have long toes with a good range of motion so they can hold onto roosting bars, dig through some pretty tough surfaces, and defend themselves effectively.

A peacock’s claws are sharp and very strong, the best advice is to admire them from afar and not get too close!

What Are 5 Interesting Facts About Peacocks?

There are many interesting facts about these beautiful and unique birds, here are 5 of my favorites:

Peacocks Are Males

One of the most common misconceptions I see is that people think peacocks are a species. This isn’t true, it’s peafowl that is the species, and peacocks are just the males.

Female peafowl are called peahens, and their chicks are called peachicks.

Only Male Peafowl Have the Beautiful Tail Feathers

Part of the reason why people tend to think peacocks are a species is that they’re the ones with the beautiful tail displays, not the females.

Peahens do have tail feathers, but they’re brown and beige in color, not the impressive array of iridescent greens, blues, and turquoise colors.

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Peacocks Shed Their Tail Feathers Every Year

If you’re hoping to find a stray peacock feather, there is a pretty good chance that you’ll be able to as peacocks shed their tail feathers every year.

Peacocks can have anywhere up to 200 tail feathers, so that’s a lot of feathers. It’s generally believed to be good luck finding a feather, as well as being a pretty cool keepsake.

Peacocks Can Fly (A Short Distance)

Most people assume that peacocks cannot fly, but this is not true. Peacocks can fly, although not for long distances.

They are large birds with heavy trains, so they’re not best designed for flight. Peacocks can fly for a mile or so if needed, but more often use their wings to take to the trees for security.

Peacocks Can Swim (A Little)

Another fact that comes as a surprise to most people is that peacocks can swim. Much like flying, they’re not the best at it, but a peacock will not drown in water.

Peacocks are happiest moving around on foot on dry land, that’s where they find food and mingle with their flockmates. But when in need, they can fly and swim.

In Summary

Peacocks are steeped in history and seen as spiritual birds, but they’re not really that mysterious.

I hope this article has helped you learn more about peacocks. They have two legs, like all birds, as well as wings, a beak – it’s their magnificent tail feathers that make peacocks so unique.


Image credits – Photo by adrian krajcar on Unsplash

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