Funny Names for Peacocks

Huge List of Funny Names for Peacocks (+ Some Unfunny Ones)

Looking to name a peacock? Hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this list of funny names for peacocks!

Please keep in mind that this list of names are funny to me – and I’m sure not everyone shares my sense of humor!

I’ve also included some other lists of names, plus some tips to help you out if you’re really stuck for inspiration.

Good luck!

Some Funny Names for Peacocks

  • Amos
  • Big Bird
  • Billy
  • Blue
  • Bruce
  • Cluck Norris
  • Clyde
  • Colonel Sanders
  • Drumstick
  • Fan Boy
  • Fluffy
  • Foghorn Leghorn
  • General Tso
  • Gregory Peck
  • Hank
  • Muncher
  • Long-neck
  • Roo Paul
  • Rooster Cogburn
  • Screamer
  • Show-off
  • Squark
  • Strutter
  • Swagger
  • Tex
  • Waylon
  • Willie

Some Not-so-Funny Names for Peacocks

If you’ve changed your mind and you want a more routine, cool, or interesting name – hopefully you’ll find some inspiration in this list:

  • Abraham
  • Albus
  • Andy
  • Archibald
  • Artemis
  • Auric
  • Blanc
  • Cornelius
  • Cyril
  • Daniels
  • Dave
  • Ebenezer
  • Edmund
  • Edward
  • Forrest
  • Frank
  • Harvey
  • Hobbes
  • Jefferson
  • Kay
  • Marcus
  • Neil
  • Obediah
  • Ormund
  • Oscar
  • Phantom
  • Phil
  • Tormund
  • Zachariah

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Some Tips for Naming a Peacock

If you want to come up with your own unique name, the best way is to take a good look at your peacock and see what stands out about them.

This is why a lot of peacocks, chickens, and other bird-related names tend to revolve around physical characteristics like beaks, feathers, and so on.

Peacocks are obviously known for their large, impressive tail displays so you might want to pick a name to do with that like ‘show-off’.

Or, you can pick up on something unique to their personality. I know people who have named their peacocks ‘bossy’ and ‘noisy. Simple, self-explanatory names that speak for themselves.

If you have a white peacock, that’s a whole different ball game. You can come up with names that point out the obvious, like ‘snowy’, ‘Mr. White’, and so on.

Peacocks Are Male Peafowl – Yep, That’s Right!

I always feel it’s necessary to point out that peacocks are male peafowl, and the female peafowl are called peahens.

Because for no fault of anyone, almost everyone thinks that ‘peacock’ is what the species of bird is called. But it’s really just the name for male peafowl.

It’s peacocks that have magnificent tail feather displays with distinctive eye patterns, so it’s not hard to tell peacocks and peafowls apart.

Plus, due to being the more impressive looking of the two, it’s really not that often you will see a peahen.

So, I do get why people are much more familiar with peacocks and refer to them much more than peahens. But, I wouldn’t want you to give your peacock a female name or vice versa!

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Can a Peacock Learn Its Name?

This is one of those questions that is often debated by pet owners. Peacocks, chickens, and other birds will often respond to being called, but do they really learn their names?

Some smaller birds, like a lot of species of parrot, are much better at learning their names, and will even talk back.

I’m not so sure about peacocks, and I wasn’t able to find any scientific evidence to confirm one way or the other.

Peacocks will respond and come over to you if you call their name or make some sort of command to get their attention.

Or, you can of course just make a noise that lets them know there’s some food coming. That works with just about any pet.

So, it always makes sense to give them a name. After all, you’re going to talk to them, refer to them, and call them over to you.

As long as they respond, it doesn’t really matter if they know their name. All the fun of raising peacocks comes from the interactions we have with them, and of course admiring their impressive tail displays.


Image credits – Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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