Dreams About Chickens Attacking

Having Dreams About Chickens Attacking You (Here’s What It Means!)

Are you having dreams about chickens attacking you?

Any vivid dreams can stir up profound feelings and emotions. Having a dream about something like being attacked by a chicken – or any animal – can be upsetting.

Understanding what dreams mean, whether it’s from a spiritual or psychological standpoint often holds the key to stopping these dreams from occurring.

On a more powerful note, being able to interpret your dreams can also help you understand what’s happening on a subconscious level.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Birds?

Taking a step back from chickens, dreams about birds, in general, are fairly common and often carry similar meanings.

Dreaming about birds is thought to symbolize one’s goals, hopes, and aspirations.

It depends what the birds are doing in your dreams, however. The happier the birds are, the happier and more positive you are about your future.

Birds are one of the animals that represent freedom. They’re able to fly and move around freely, which can be tied to the spiritual freedom you may be longing for.

On the other side, if the birds in your dreams are angry, destructive, or even attacking you, then this symbolizes negative events in your life.

It may also be a sign that your subconscious mind is holding on to negative feelings and experiences from the past.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Birds Attacking You?

Dreaming of being attacked by birds is often a personal experience, and can mean different things to different people.

There is a lot you can learn from analyzing what happened in your dream, however, and trying it into the circumstances in your life.

Where were you being attacked by the birds?

If they were pecking at your hands, this is believed to symbolize that you’re going to experience bad news or some type of financial loss.

If the birds were pecking and attacking your face, in particular your eyes, then this symbolizes trying to ignore or putting negative thoughts to the back of your mind.

Then there are the different meanings behind the different types and sizes of birds that are featured in your dreams….

What Do Dreams About Chickens Attacking Mean?

Seeing chickens in dreams is typically a symbol of good luck, and usually represents feelings of nurturing, mothering, and other close relationship ties.

This is because chickens have strong maternal instincts. They sit on their eggs for 21 days to incubate them, then they carefully feed and attend to their chicks.

If chickens are attacking you though, there are some negative connotations to this vision. One thing it represents for some people is fractured relationships in their lives.

If you’re currently experiencing some issues with close friends or family members, this could be manifesting as being attacked by chickens in your dreams.

It could also mean that you’re lacking that nurturing feeling or relationship in your own life. Both as a mother, like a mother hen, or as a child.

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Why It’s Important to Interrupt Our Dreams

I’m sure you’ve had plenty of dreams that have left you with a strange or profound feeling, a kind of emptiness or longing to understand why you had the dream, right?

I know I have, and it’s completely normal to feel like this.

This is because not only does interrupting or understanding our dreams help stop that feeling of needing to know, it can help us better understand who we are.

As psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber told PsychCentral, “Dream analysis is a key component in the process of becoming whole as a person.”

Dreaming is the process of our conscious mind and our unconscious mind communicating. Something we can’t do while awake or deliberately, which adds to the mystique of dreams.

We can process information or play out scenarios in our dreams that we can’t or don’t want to experience while awake.

This can be incredibly powerful and a way to connect with our deep, inner thoughts. As well as connecting on a spiritual or emotional level.

I hope this article has helped you better understand why you’ve been dreaming about chickens attacking you.

If you’ve had any other dreams or feelings and you’ve not found the answers you’re looking for, never be afraid to carry on searching!

In Summary

If you’re having dreams about chickens attacking you or something else in your dream, you’re not alone.

Taking the time to interpret and analyze your dreams can be an incredibly powerful and revealing way to help you better understand yourself on a deeper, intrinsic level.

I hope you get to the bottom of why you’re having these dreams. As well as being able to use them to change your fortunes if needed.


Image credits – Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

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