What Chickens Lay Speckled Eggs

What Chickens Lay Speckled Eggs? (Speckled Breeds!)

Wondering what chickens lay speckled eggs?

Some people see speckling on an eggshell as an abnormality, but for most, it’s quite a desirable effect.

There are some breeds of chicken that lay speckled eggs, and sometimes it just happens by surprise.

Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about speckled eggs, the chickens that lay them, and why they’re so cool!

What Kind of Chicken Lays a Speckled Egg?

There are several different breeds of chickens that are known to lay a speckled egg, but the most common are:

  • Welsummers (brown to red terracotta-colored eggs with speckles)
  • Marans (dark brown chocolate-colored eggs with speckles)
  • Penedesenca (dark brown chocolate-colored eggs with speckles)

These are all considered “heritage” or “rare” breeds of chicken, which means they’re not as commonly found as your standard white or brown egg layers.

While any chicken can lay a speckled egg from time to time, these are the breeds that are most likely to do so on a regular basis.

About Welsummer Chickens

Welsummers are probably the most well-known chickens for laying speckled eggs.

They’re not the most common chickens, so don’t be shocked if you’ve never heard of this breed.

For some background; Welsummers were originally bred in the village of Welsum, Netherlands.

The breed was created by crossing several different types of brown egg-layers, including:

  • Cochin
  • Barnevelder
  • Partridge Leghorn
  • Partridge Wyandotte

The result was a chicken that lays large, brown eggs with a beautiful red-speckled pattern.

Welsummers are considered a dual-purpose breed, which means they can be used for both egg production and meat.

They’re a hardy breed that does well in both hot and cold weather, making them a great choice for backyard chicken keepers in any climate.

So, if you’re looking for a chicken that lays speckled eggs and is also friendly and docile, then the Welsummer is a great choice!

What Kind of Egg Is Speckled?

A speckled egg is simply an egg that has spots on the shell.

The spots can be any color, but they’re usually darker than the rest of the shell.

The size and shape of the spots also vary, but they’re typically small and evenly distributed over the entire surface of the egg.

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Is It Safe to Eat a Speckled Egg?

Yes, a speckled egg is just as safe to eat as any other egg.

The spots on the shell are caused by pigments in the creation process, it doesn’t affect the quality of the egg inside.

In fact, many people believe that speckled eggs have a richer flavor than other eggs because of the variety of pigments used.

But I’m sorry to dispel this myth.

Chicken eggs come in a wide variety of colors, speckled or not, and it makes no difference to the taste or nutritional value of the egg.

What affects the taste and quality of an egg is how the hen that laid the egg was raised, treated, and what she was fed.

Why Are Some Eggs Speckled?

There are a few reasons why some eggs are speckled.

The most common reason is that the hen that laid the egg has a genetic mutation that causes her to produce more pigments in her eggs.

This is most commonly seen in heritage or rare breeds of chickens, as mentioned before.

Another reason for speckled eggs is if the hen that laid the egg was exposed to a lot of dirt or debris.

This can happen if the hen lives in an unclean environment, or if she’s been scratching around in the dirt a lot.

The debris can get on the egg and cause dirt spots to form. So, give your egg a good wipe to see if it’s more dirt than it is speckling!

Are Bumpy Eggs the Same as Speckled?

Bumpy eggs are not the same as speckled eggs. Bumpy eggs have a rough texture on the shell, it’s not a contrast in coloring.

Bumps on an eggshell can be caused for any number of reasons during the creation process.

Speckled eggs, on the other hand, have spots that are usually darker than the rest of the shell.

These spots are caused by pigments and are distributed all over the surface of the egg.

Not All Eggs Are Equal – They Come in All Shapes, Sizes, and Colors!

Eggs are truly an amazing food source.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors – including speckled!

So, if you see a speckled egg in your flock, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal.

And if you’re ever curious about the different types of eggs chickens are capable of laying, be sure to do some research.

You might be surprised at all the different colors, sizes, and shapes of eggs that are out there!

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In Summary

Speckled eggs are simply eggs that have spots on the shell. These spots are caused by pigments and are perfectly safe to eat.

Speckled eggs are most commonly seen in heritage or rare breeds of chickens. But sometimes, you’ll find an egg with speckles on – and it’s quite a pleasant surprise!


Image credits – Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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