How Many Chicken Eggs in an Ostrich Egg

How Many Chicken Eggs in an Ostrich Egg? (Approx 24x the Mass!)

Ostriches lay the largest eggs of any bird – if you’ve been lucky enough to see one I’m sure you were impressed!

In this article, I’m going to help put into perspective just how big ostrich eggs are by comparing them to chicken eggs.

In short, an ostrich egg is about 24 times the size of a chicken’s egg!

There’s a lot more to these magnificent eggs, however, as I’ll explain:

How Many Chicken Eggs in an Ostrich Egg Equivalent To?

According to Britannica, the average ostrich’s egg is about 6 inches (150mm) long, 5 inches (125mm) in diameter, and weighs around 3lbs (1.35 kg).

That’s a huge egg!

In comparison, the average medium-sized chicken egg is around 2.3 inches (60mm) in length and 1.5 inches (40mm) in diameter.

I didn’t do the math myself, but generally speaking it’s believed that it takes about 24 chicken eggs to get the same mass as one ostrich egg.

I’ve seen an ostrich egg cracked into a pan and cooked, it’s quite the sight.

Something that shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise, but usually does, is how tough the shell of an ostrich egg is.

People usually crack open an ostrich egg with a small hammer, then pour out the inside of the egg.

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Do Ostrich Eggs Taste Like Chicken Eggs?

I know what you’re thinking, it would be interesting – and fun – to crack open an ostrich egg and make a big omelet.

People do eat ostrich eggs, and they do not taste that dissimilar to chicken eggs.

Most people say that ostrich eggs taste a bit more like a cross between a chicken and quail egg (that’ll make sense if you’ve tasted quail).

Basically, the best way to explain the taste of an ostrich egg is that they are richer than chicken eggs and have a ‘buttery’ taste.

It’s always hard to explain what something tastes like though, the best advice is to try a little ostrich egg if you ever get the opportunity.

How Much Is an Ostrich Egg Worth?

It’s not very likely that you’ll see an ostrich egg for sale at your local grocery store or supermarket.

In fact, it’s pretty much impossible.

You’ll have to go to a farmer’s market or contact a specialist exotic food trader online to find one, so as you can expect, they’re not cheap.

The average price for an edible ostrich egg is around  $60 – $120 USD.

Of course, you can find cheaper and more expensive ostrich eggs depending on where you look.

Why Do We Not Eat Ostrich Eggs?

We do eat ostrich eggs, it’s just not very common.

The main reason being that ostrich eggs are so big that they’re impractical. It’s not often – or ever – that you’re going to need to crack open an egg the size of 24 regular hen eggs!

It’s also very expensive to get a hold of an ostrich egg. Ostriches aren’t commonly raised, and certainly not in large numbers.

They don’t lay a lot of eggs either, typically only around 40-60 eggs per year.

The bottom line is that there just isn’t the demand for ostrich eggs in the culinary sense.

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Are Ostriches Kept in Backyard Settings?

It is possible to keep ostriches in backyard settings – but I would advise against it unless you have experience caring for these birds.

Let’s state the obvious, ostriches are large birds.

Ostriches have some special requirements and huge demands and are capable of causing some serious damage.

They also require a lot of land to roam, so unless you can provide a lot of space I wouldn’t even consider it.

If you have a fascination with ostrich eggs, I suggest you pick one up from a specialist dealer and don’t consider raising one yourself!

In Summary

Ostrich eggs are huge! They weigh in at around three pounds and can be up to 24 times the size of a chicken’s egg.

They’re also quite expensive, costing anywhere from $60 to $120 USD.

But a lot of people enjoy the taste, so if you’re curious to try an ostrich egg it’s worth picking one up for the experience.


Image credits – Photo by Dharmit Shah on Unsplash

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