Facts About Black Star Chickens

14 Interesting Facts About Black Star Chickens!

Looking for facts about Black Star chickens? You’ve landed in the right place.

I’m a big fan of Black Star chickens. I like their coloring and markings, they are big hardy birds, great layers, and perfect for homesteads or backyard flocks.

Here are some facts about this sex-link breed to help you get to better know what they’re all about:

Facts About Black Star Chickens

  1. Because they’re a sex-linked crossbreed you can tell if they’re male or female when they hatch based on their color.
  2. They are prolific egg layers producing as many as 300 eggs per year!
  3. Black Stars are produced by cross-breeding a Rhode Island Red or a New Hampshire rooster with a Barred Rock hen.
  4. They lay large to extra large brown eggs.
  5. They love to forage and are very good at it. If left to free-range they will find and gobble up insects and plants they’re interested in.
  6. There are also Red Star chickens, which are a cross between a Rhode Island Red or a New Hampshire and a White Rock.
  7. Black Star hens typically weigh around 5 lbs, and the roosters are around 8 lbs. Making them a medium-sized bird.
  8. They are a popular choice of chicken for homesteading as they are healthy, hardy, and egg-laying machines.
  9. If you give them some time and attention you’ll find they are one of the more social and cuddly chicken breeds.
  10. Colors can vary, but the black with rust-colored breast feathers Black Star is the most common and iconic look for this breed.
  11. The breed was created after world war II for the purpose of laying a lot of eggs to help meet the post-war food demands.
  12. You can expect the pullets to mature and start laying eggs between 20-28 weeks of age.
  13. A lot of owners report getting double-yolkers on a regular basis, especially in the first few weeks of their birds laying.
  14. They always have a single comb with medium size wattles and red earlobes.

Should You Buy Black Star Chickens?

Should You Buy Black Star Chickens

If you’re looking for chickens for your backyard flock or free-range homestead setting, there are a few breeds that are perfect.

Black Stars are one of these breeds.

They are easy to care for, generally healthy, one of the most prolific egg layers, and a load of fun to have around.

What else could you want from a chicken?

Having just two of these in your flock will net you around 10 eggs a week, and as many as 600 eggs a year. That’s more than enough for a medium-sized family, with some spare.

Talking of families, importantly they are great for kids too. They like being handled and socializing with humans and other chickens. They’ll even spend some time on your lap or sitting by you while you pet them.

Although you’ll hear the general chitter chatter coming from the coop, they’re one of the quieter breeds as well. Which is always a bonus if you’re in an urban setting.

If all of that wasn’t enough, they’re fairly common and inexpensive too. You can pick up hatching eggs or baby chicks for a few bucks all year round from online hatcheries.

Check out our hatchery listing and chicks for sale section to find a hatchery near you.

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