Where Are Chickens Ears Located

Where Are Chickens Ears Located? (Images Included)

If you find yourself asking, where are chickens ears located? Don’t worry, it’s not that stupid of a question.

I’ve heard it asked before, and I’m sure I’ll hear it asked again.

This was why I decided to write up this article explaining exactly where you can find a chicken’s ear.

Along with what they look like, what you can tell by the color of a chicken’s earlobe (more on that later), and everything else you could possibly need to know about chicken’s ears.

Where are chicken’s ears located? It should come as no surprise that a chicken’s ear is located on the side of their heads. They don’t stick out like ours, however, so it’s not as obvious on first inspection.

Just take a look at the picture below. That’s a chicken’s ear and earlobe right there.

Anatomy of a chickens ear and earlobe

They have ear holes rather than external ears like we do, which are covered by feathers. You can usually push the feathers to the side and see their ear-opening if you want some visual proof for yourself.

Do Baby Chickens Have Ears?

Baby chickens, chicks, do have ears, yes.

It’s often even easier to spot where an ear is on a chick than a grown adult. Take a look at the picture below, you’ll see a hole or area that is a different shade further back from their eye.

That’s their ear, right there.

Do Baby Chickens Have Ears

As chickens grow up and grow a thicker coat of feathers it becomes harder to spot their ears. But take it from me, they all have them.

Do All Chickens Have Ears?

Yes. As far as I can find out, and in my own personal experience, all chickens have ears. By ears, I mean they have ear holes as I described above.

What Does a Chicken’s Ear Look Like?

If you want to know what a chicken’s ear looks like, just look at the picture I posted above. It’s basically a hole in their head covered in feathers.

It’s their earlobes that are more visible. I’ve identified where that is located for you too, and there is something more interesting about the lobe than the actual ear…

Does a Chickens Ear Color Really Determine the Color of Their Eggs?

You may have heard that a chicken’s ear determines the color of the eggs they lay. In fact, it’s the color of their earlobes that are related to – rather than determines – the color of their eggs.

As a general rule of thumb, a chicken with brown or red earlobes will lay brown eggs. One with white lobes will lay white eggs, and so on. I think you get what I’m saying.

Keep in mind that there are always exceptions and the shade of a hen’s eggs can vary, however.

So, Chickens With Green Earlobes Lay Green Eggs?

Green eggs are probably the most sort after color of egg as they are fairly rare. And honestly pretty cool looking.

Easter Eggers, Isbar, and Olive Eggers are three of the breeds of chicken that lay green eggs. Some do indeed have green earlobes, while some don’t. It’s more on the chicken and how they’ve been bred than it is the color of their lobes.

In Summary

If you want to jump straight to the short answer, then chickens have ears and earlobes on the side of their heads as do most animals.

It’s just a bit harder to spot their ears as they don’t stick out likes ours. Or stick up like a cat, flap around like a dog, and so on.

But don’t worry, they can hear you just fine. Don’t believe me? Just shake anything that sounds like food and you’ll soon see a flock of chickens running towards you!

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