Can You Eat Silkie Chicken Eggs

Can You Eat Silkie Chicken Eggs? (Yes!)

Silkies are one of the most lovable, friendly, cute, and fun backyard chicken breeds.

They are certainly the most unique and distinguishable, there’s no denying that. They also lay interesting eggs, here’s everything you need to know about Silkie eggs:

Can you eat Silkie chicken eggs? Absolutely! Their eggs are smaller than your average hen – which is no surprise as these bantam Silkies are small. They taste the same as normal eggs, although they tend to bigger yolks.

What Kind of Eggs Do Silkies Lay?

Silkies lay the same kind of eggs as other chickens.

By this, I mean they are regular eggs if you thought there was something different about them in that way.

They do look different though. Silkie’s eggs are tiny. This is because Silkies are so small, a chicken’s egg size is often related to the size of the bird.

They aren’t your regular brown either. They range from white to a pinkish color.

As for eating them, you can cook them all the same ways as you would a regular egg. The only difference is you need more of them as they’re so small!

Here’s a video showing you some Silkie eggs up close. What they look like while being fried, and how they compare to regular eggs:

What Do Silkie Chicken Eggs Taste Like?

People always ask me this. I get it, they are so much smaller than regular eggs and unique in color that it’s normal to assume they might taste different.

They don’t though. Silkie eggs taste the same as any other hen eggs.

If you’ve eaten Silkie eggs and they tasted different to other eggs, it will be for the same reasons why some eggs taste different than others – it comes down to how the hens were fed.

They are more yolk and less white though, that’s worth pointing out. That works just fine for me, but if you’re more of an egg white person you might want to keep that in mind.

What Color Are Silkie Eggs?

Sellers usually list Silkies eggs as cream color.

In reality, the color can vary quite a bit. Most of the Silkie eggs I’ve seen are more of an off-pinkish color.

How Many Eggs Do Silkies Lay?

How Many Eggs Do Silkies Lay
Awww look at that tiny little egg.

If you’re considering raising Silkies primarily for eggs, you’re going to be a little disappointed.

Not only do Silkies lay tiny eggs, they only lay around 100-120 per year. That works out at around 3-5 per week.

The main reason for the breaks in laying is because they tend to broody often. Silkies are natural mothers and love nothing more than sitting on eggs and incubating them.

Even if that means sitting on another chicken’s eggs.

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Are Silkies a Good Backyard Breed?

Silkies are a good backyard breed, yes. In fact, they are one of the best breeds of chickens to raise in a backyard setting – as long as you’re not keeping chickens just for eggs.

As I’ve covered already, Silkies are not great layers. If you want to keep a flock for eggs, I recommend checking out breeds like the Rhode Island Red or the California White.

These two are prolific layers and will provide you with large eggs all year round.

They aren’t as cute as Silkies though! No chickens are.

Silkies have the most unique coats of fluffy plumage, with the sweetest temperament. It’s hard to compare them with other chickens honestly.

They are perfect if you have other breeds of chickens, pets, and children. Being so docile, and cuddly, they are more of an ornamental pet than regular chickens, if that makes sense.

If it sounds like I’m trying to convince you to get some Silkies, it’s because I am. I’m a huge fan, so just a little biased!

In Summary – Can you Eat Silkie Chicken Eggs?

There you have it, everything you’ll ever need to know about Silkie eggs – and more.

You can eat them just the same as you would any other eggs. The only difference is that they’re much smaller.


Header image by Paige Cody, in-body image by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

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