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In need of an avian vet in San Antonio? If you’re raising backyard chickens you should make sure you know where your nearest vet is – just in case of emergencies.

Avian or poultry veterinarians specialize in the care of birds. That means chickens, too, of course. I recommend finding a local avian vet so you know your flock will be in safe hands should the need arise.

I’ve put together a list of all the avian vet or veterinary practices that cater to chickens I was able to find at the time of publishing. I hope this list helps!

List of Avian Vets in San Antonio, TX

Kirby Animal Hospital4623 Binz Engleman, TX 78219210-661-6717kirbyanimalhospital.com
Covenant Care6315 Grissom Road, TX 78238210-684-2273covenantcareanimal.com
St. Francis of Assisi Veterinary Medical Center8615 Potranco Rd, TX 78251210-509-8500stfrancisofassisivet.com
10 West Bird and Animal Hospital12727 Mountain Air, TX 78249210-696-1700tenwestvet.com
Northern Oaks Bird and Animal Hospital13395 Wetmore Rd, TX 78247210-496-1315northernoaksvet.com
Broadway Oaks Animal Hospital8221 Broadway, TX 78209210-824-7481broadwayoaksanimalhospital.com
Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak19355 Stone Oak Pkwy, TX 78258210-495-2722familypethospitalofstoneoak.net
Amigo Animal Hospital12355 Potranco Road, Suite 111, TX 78253210-679-5600amigovet.com

Kirby Animal Hospital

Address – 4623 Binz Engleman, San Antoni, TX 78219

Phone – 210-661-6717

ContactContact page

Website kirbyanimalhospital.com

Covenant Care

Address – 6315 Grissom Road, Leon Valley, TX 78238

Phone – 210-684-2273

Contact – Contact page

Website covenantcareanimal.com

St. Francis of Assisi Veterinary Medical Center

Address – 8615 Potranco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251

Phone – 210-509-8500

ContactContact page

Website stfrancisofassisivet.com

10 West Bird and Animal Hospital

Address – 12727 Mountain Air, San Antonio, TX 78249

Phone – 210-696-1700

ContactContact page

Website tenwestvet.com

Northern Oaks Bird and Animal Hospital

Address – 13395 Wetmore Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247

Phone – 210-496-1315

ContactContact page

Website northernoaksvet.com

Broadway Oaks Animal Hospital

Address – 8221 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone – 210-824-7481

ContactContact page

Website broadwayoaksanimalhospital.com

Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak

Address – 19355 Stone Oak Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78258

Phone – 210-495-2722

ContactContact page

Website familypethospitalofstoneoak.net

Amigo Animal Hospital

Address – 12355 Potranco Road, Suite 111, San Antonio, TX 78253

Phone – 210-679-5600

ContactContact page

Website amigovet.com

Choosing a Vet for Your Chickens

It’s a big deal choosing a vet for our chickens, or any animals for that matter. We love our pets, and we expect a high standard of care, right?

I hope you were able to find at least one vet near to you from the list above. If you want to do some further due diligence before picking up the phone, here are some things I recommend looking at:

Specializing in birds – Birds are very different from cats, dogs, and other popular house pets. Some vets – and I’ve experienced this myself first hand – will not see chickens, parrots, budgies, or any other pet birds.

This is why I did my best to verify all the veterinary practices and animal hospitals I listed above had at least one vet listed as an avian vet.

General qualifications – Vets shouldn’t be offering their services unless they’re qualified. All vets have to graduate with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree. That’s why you’ll see those letters next to their name.

If you also see ABVP next to their name, this means they are members of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. This means they specialize in more specific areas, which usually includes exotic animals and/or birds.

Reviews – Online reviews do not always tell the whole story. People are often quick to make a noise if they had a bad experience than they are for a good one.

It’s worth taking a look at any reviews a vet has though. It’s a red flag if there are lots of recent negative reviews.

Any recommendations? – Always ask around if anyone can recommend a vet. You might be surprised by who has used or heard of a good vet.

A recommendation is always the most powerful form of marketing. Hearing that someone had a good experience with a vet is always reassuring.

What To Do if You Have a Sick Chicken

If you have a sick chicken or even several sick birds in your flock, you don’t always have to call a vet right away.

Obviously, we want to provide the best care for our birds. But there is a cost involved with visiting a vet, so you need to know it’s necessary.

I’m not a vet, but my advice is to first evaluate how sick your chicken is. If they’re showing any of the typical signs of being unwell, such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Pale comb and/or wattle
  • Lethargic behavior
  • Not eating or drinking
  • Labored breathing

The first thing you should always do is isolate the sick birds. Put them in a crate or a cage, and give them some food and water.

Chickens tend to get bullied or picked on by the other hens when they show signs of being unwell. It’s important to give them some space to recover without being pecked at!

Once you’ve done that, if you’re concerned for their health I’d give a vet’s office a call for advice. They may be able to recommend antibiotics that will help with some common health problems. 

Did You Find an Avian Vet Near You?

The purpose of this post was to help you find an avian vet near you, so I hope you did.

Chickens are hardy animals. I’ve had very few health issues over the years, and I hope the same for you.

It doesn’t hurt to make sure you have a friendly and professional avian vet locally should you need them though.

Disclaimer -These were veterinary practices offering avian services at the time of publishing. I cannot be held responsible for any changes in services, personnel, or otherwise in the meantime. If you spot any inaccurate information, please contact me and I will verify and change it. Many thanks.

Image credits – Photo by Joey Csunyo on Unsplash

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