What Color Eggs Do Sapphire Gem Chickens Lay

What Color Eggs Do Sapphire Gem Chickens Lay? (Answered)

Want to know what color eggs do Sapphire Gem chickens lay? The answer is that they lay brown eggs. If you’re after white eggs, you need to seek out the Sapphire Chicken, which is a different bird.

What Are Sapphire Gems Chickens Like?

If you’re looking for a good backyard chicken, then you’ll need to look no further than Sapphire Gems.

They have a friendly and social personality, are great with other pets and children, and are prolific year-round layers.

The only real drawback is that they’re rare, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you order online.

Sapphire Gems have an interesting history. Also known as the Sapphire Blue Plymouth Rock, this bird is not a breed, it’s a variety, and the exact breeds that are crossed to make it isn’t public knowledge.

I did some investigating, and it seems like they’re created by crossing Barred Plymouth Rock with a Blue Plymouth Rock.

This would certainly explain their colors and markings. Which is a wonderful blue and lavender color feathering with a barred pattern.

Another benefit to being a sex-linked chicken is that their gender can be determined by their color shortly after hatching. This reduces the chance of being stuck with a bunch of roosters when buying chicks.

What Size Eggs Do Sapphire Gems Lay?

Sapphire Gems lay large brown eggs. This means, according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s egg sizing, their eggs weigh at least 56.7 grams, and no more than 63.8 grams on average.

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How Many Eggs Do Sapphire Gems Lay?

According to Hoover’s Hatchery, Sapphire Gems lay up to 290 eggs per year. They also say that they’re good year-round layers, and don’t take several months off during winter like a lot of breeds.

That means you can expect 5-6 eggs per week. That’s a lot of eggs and makes Sapphire Gems one of the more prolific layers.

If you have a few of these in your flock, it’s safe to say that you’re going to have a steady flow of eggs to either sell or share with friends and family!

Now you know, Sapphire Gem Chickens lay regular brown eggs. If you’re looking for a breed that lays more unusual or interesting colored eggs I recommend checking out;

Image credits – Photo by montatip lilitsanong on Unsplash

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