What Color Eggs Do Brahmas Lay

What Color Eggs Do Brahmas Lay? (Answered)

Wondering, what color eggs do Brahmas lay? These ‘gentle giants’ lay brown eggs. The same shade of brown you commonly see on supermarket shelves. Despite being one of the largest breeds, they lay medium to large-sized eggs.

What Are Brahma Chickens Like?

Brahma chickens are known for being one of the largest domestic breeds of chickens – and for being friendly, fun chickens with big personalities.

Just how big are Brahmas? Males have been recorded as reaching weights of 13-14 lbs, and females not far behind at 10-12 lbs.

Compare this to the fact that most backyard chicken breeds are in the 6-7 lbs range for roosters, and 5-6 lbs for hens and you’ll get an idea of just how big Brahmas are.

Brahmas are available in various colors and varieties, although the American Poultry Association recognizes five varieties:

  • Buff
  • Black
  • Dark
  • Light
  • White

Another interesting feature that isn’t shared by many breeds is Brahmas’ feathered feet and legs.

This is often a desirable feature as it’s so unusual, but you need to know that it’s a bit of a nightmare helping them keep their feet clean and dry during the winter months!

As for personalities, Brahmas are not called ‘gentle giants’ for no reason. They’re docile, friendly, great with kids and other pets, and a load of fun to raise as backyard pets.

What Size Eggs Do Brahmas Lay?

There’s a common misconception that bigger chickens lay bigger eggs. Brahmas are proof that this isn’t true.

They’re one of the largest breeds of chicken, yet they lay medium to large-sized eggs. This means their eggs weigh somewhere in the range of approx 50-60 grams.

How Many Eggs Does a Brahma Chicken Lay?

Brahmas lay somewhere in the range of 150-200 eggs per year. The interesting thing about them is that production doesn’t drop much during the winter months.

You can expect a pretty consistent 3-4 eggs per week all year-round. 

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Now you know, Brahmas lay regular brown eggs. If you’re looking for a breed that lays more unusual or interesting colored eggs I recommend checking out;

Image credits – Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

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