How To Keep Neighbors Chickens Out of My Yard

How To Keep Neighbors Chickens Out of My Yard? 6 Methods

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Whether you have your own chickens or not, you don’t want your neighbor’s chickens coming into your yard. It’s a problem I’ve had over the years, and one I’ve always been able to resolve. So, if you’re looking for ways to keep neighbors’ chickens out of your yard please read on:

Talk To Your Neighbor

I’ll mention this first because sometimes the easiest solution is to just speak to your neighbor and work out something together.

Maybe you don’t know your neighbors very well, think they aren’t very approachable, or you’re nervous because it’s essentially a complaint. It doesn’t matter, it involves them (and their chickens), so you should speak with them.

Let them know how much of a problem it is for you (while being polite), and see what they suggest they can do from their side.

If you didn’t already know them, this will be a good ice breaker at worst. But seriously, it’s more their problem than it is yours. They should do something to stop their chickens from getting into your yard.

If they don’t, I suggest checking what the local laws are regarding this issue where you live. You may not want to go down the legal route, but it’s a good idea to make yourself aware of where you stand legally.

Understand Why/How They’re Getting Into Your Yard

As with any problem you’re trying to solve, you need to start by understanding the reason for the problem.

This means knowing exactly why and where chickens are getting into your yard. It might be as simple as blocking their access, having your neighbor move an object they’re using to climb over, or identifying something in your yard attracting them.

The more you know about their behavior, the better.

Use Scents That Offend Chickens

When it comes to deterring pets and animals, scents always come to mind. I’ve used various scents over the years to deter cats, rodents, chickens, and other animals, and am a big fan of using scents.

Why? Because it’s generally one of the easiest, cost-effective, and most importantly safest ways to make animals turn the other way.

Generally speaking, the scents chickens hate the most are:

  • Citrus – Lemon, orange, lime, etc.
  • Spices – Paprika, cayenne pepper, curry powder, etc.
  • Herbs – There are some herbs chickens love and some they hate. It might take a little trial and error, but it’s believed strong mints, marigold, and chives are three that chickens will avoid.

Try forming a scent barrier at the point where chickens are getting into your yard. They tend to be pretty sensitive to scents, so you should realize within a couple of days if it’s working.

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Consider Motion Activated Devices

If playing nice hasn’t been working, the “heavy artillery” when it comes to defending your yard against unwanted chickens is motion-activated devices.

You can get devices that make noise, which I know some people have used. Personally, I prefer basic sprinklers. This way, those chickens are helping water my yard while they’re overstepping their boundaries.

It’s not harmful and doesn’t stress them in any way. Most chickens don’t like getting wet though, especially when it happens suddenly and gives them a little shock.

As an example, this sprinkler available on Amazon has been specifically designed to repel unwanted animals and pests:

Use Fake Predators Chickens Are Scared Of

I’ve always read and heard of fake predators working for some people, but I’ve never tried them myself.

It’s worth trying though, especially if chickens are not the only unwanted pests entering your yard.

One of the most feared predators for chickens is owls. Here’s one I found on Amazon that looks lifelike enough to scare away various predators.

Put up Some Chicken Wire

This is one of the last resorts as it takes more time and money than the other ways I’ve mentioned.

Plus, it should really be your neighbor putting up the chicken wire to keep their own chickens contained on their property. But you wouldn’t be the first person that had to take measures into their own hands to deal with it.

Chicken wire, or poultry netting as it’s also called, is a lightweight wire mesh that’s easy to use as fencing, and strong enough to keep chickens enclosed in an area.

Hopefully, there are only a couple of small areas where chickens are getting into your yard. This way you can easily tac some wire up to create a barrier.

In Summary

I love chickens, but I know how destructive they can be firsthand. There’s nothing fun about having someone else’s chickens coming into your yard and scratching around, damaging plants, pooping, and doing all those other things chickens do.

Ideally, I hope by talking with your neighbor about starting off they do something to resolve the issue. It’s not that difficult, most breeds are not that flighty and they can always clip their wings.

If it’s up to you to put a stop to those trespassing chickens, I’m sure one or more of the methods I mentioned above will work.


Image credits – Photo by Patrick Boucher on Unsplash

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