Do Chickens Beaks Grow Back

Do Chickens Beaks Grow Back? (Injuries and Trimming)

Has your chicken broken the tip of their beak? Are you interested to learn more about beak trimming? Interested to know, do chickens beaks grow back?

A chicken’s beak does continue to grow throughout their lives. Debeaking or beak trimming is common (although controversial) in the poultry industry, as are injuries resulting in damaged beaks.

If one of your chickens has suffered a minor beak injury, chances are it’ll grow back over time. If it’s anything more than a chip or the tip at the end has broken, it’s advisable to get it seen by an avian vet.

Why Do Chickens Have Their Beaks Cut Off (Trimmed)?

I can’t talk about beaks growing back without addressing one of the more controversial poultry topics, “beak trimming”.

It’s common in the poultry industry to trim the beaks of commercial chicks when they’re just a day or so old.  Then re-trim at intervals as their beak grows back.

The process involves trimming back the tip of the top and bottom part of the beak, or sometimes just either the top or bottom.

This is done to stop the chicks injuring, bullying, and generally doing damage by pecking at each other. Which is really such a problem due to the cramped conditions commercial chicks are kept in.

Before beak trimming was common practice aggressive behavior within flocks would be responsible for a huge mortality rate and a wide range of injuries.

Can Chickens Break or Injure Their Beaks?

Can Chickens Break or Injure Their Beaks

Yes, chickens can break or injure their beaks. Chickens and birds, for the most part, don’t have teeth, so they rely on using their beaks instead.

It’s not exactly the same, they can’t chew up food with their beaks. They have a gizzard (a strong stomach muscle) that chews up food. But they do rely on their beaks to do a lot of work.

The most common beak injuries result from a chick pecking at something a little too hard or getting the tip of their beak stuck between some bars or somewhere similar.

The tip is the weakest part and it’s not that uncommon for it to chip or break. As long as the chicken has a healthy diet it should grow back without any further issues.

Do Chickens Feel Pain in Their Beaks?

I’ve heard both sides of this. Advocates for beak trimming say it’s not painful, while people who oppose it say it is painful.

There certainly seems to be some evidence that chickens do indeed feel pain. Plus, anecdotally I know, as will any other backyard chicken owner, that chickens can feel when you touch their beaks.


According to a study published on Link.Springer, the skin on their beaks contains numerous kinds of receptors they use to detect pressure, temperature, and pain.

It even goes on to say that the tip of a beak contains an organ called the bill tip organ. This enables a chicken to make fine tactile decisions based on what their tip comes into contact with.

So, for me, there is no doubt that a chicken feels pain when their beaks are trimmed, they sustain an injury, or worse end up with a broken beak for some reason.

They might not show it by screaming or running around like we do when we stub a toe, but they definitely do feel pain in their beaks.

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How Does a Beak Grow Back?

A beak also called a bill has two parts; the upper mandible and the lower mandible. The beak is a bone, and in fact, the upper mandible is attached to the chicken’s skull.

The interesting thing about beaks is how they regenerate and continue growing, which makes them very different from other bones in a chicken’s body.

The upper and lower parts of a beak are covered with skin. This skin produces keratin, the same material fingernails, hair, and feathers are made from.

This substance dries and hardens to form the beak. As a bird uses their beak to peck at things it slowly wears down, just as fingernails do.

The reason why you don’t see a worn down beak is that it’s continually producing more keratin to replace the wear and tear and keep its point.

It’s a slow process, but even in the case of a young chick having their beak trimmed off, over time, it will grow back.

It’s hard to say how long it takes. Obviously, there are a few factors that determine how quickly a beak grows. If a chicken has good nutrition and stays healthy, unless it sustains an injury it’ll always have a full, strong beak.

In Summary

Chickens beaks do grow back, yes. They will pick up some small chips and break the tip off a few times during their lives, it should always grow back without an issue.

If one of your flock has sustained a serious beak breakage, however, you should get it checked out by an avian vet. They rely on their beaks to eat, forage, and scratch around daily and can’t live without it.


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