Chicken Hatchery Texas

List of Chicken Hatcheries in Texas | Chicks for Sale

Looking for a chicken hatchery in Texas to buy some chicks, chickens, or hatching eggs for your backyard flock?

There are some great poultry sellers and breeders in the state of Texas and a huge backyard flock community.

I’ve put together a list of hatcheries I was able to confirm are currently selling chicks in Texas below.

I hope you find what you’re looking for, good luck!

Chicken Hatchery Texas Listing

Hatchery/Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite
Ideal PoultryCameron, TX1-800-243-3257
Bageniece FarmsQuinlan, TX469-387-0625
Cluckingham PalaceSan Antonio, TX210-646-4478
Chickenville USATerrell, TX972-400-0113
Urban EggersDallas, TXNA
Bluestar RanchAustin, TX281-627-8009
Claborn FarmsWaco, TXNA
SeaBreeze HensSan Leon, TX281-900-0183

Ideal Poultry

Address – Cameron, TX

Phone – 1-800-243-3257

Contact –


Bageniece Farms

Address – Quinlan, TX

Phone – 469-387-0625

Contact –


Cluckingham Palace

Address – San Antonio, TX

Phone – 210-646-4478

Contact – NA


Chickenville USA

Address – Terrell, TX

Phone – 972-400-0113

Contact – NA


Urban Eggers

Address – Dallas, TX

Phone – NA

Contact –


Bluestar Ranch

Address – Austin, TX

Phone – 281-627-8009

Contact –


Claborn Farms

Address – Waco, TX

Phone – NA

Contact –


SeaBreeze Hens

Address – San Leon, TX

Phone – 281-900-0183

Contact –


Additional Resources

If you were not able to find a hatchery selling chicks near to you, or with the chicks or eggs in stock you wanted – you can order from an online hatchery.

I’ve used online hatcheries before. They are really convenient and have a much wider range of breeds, more availability, and can usually ship stuff out the same day.

It’s always nice to visit a hatchery and see new baby chicks in person. If that’s not possible though, this is a close second. Here are a couple of the online hatcheries I recommend checking out:

Stromberg Chickens – Based in Hackensack, Minnesota, Stromberg sells everything from day-old chicks to all the accessories and poultry-related kit you’d need to run your own hatchery.

Cackle Hatchery – Cackle is an NPIP registered hatchery based in Lebanon, Missouri. They also have a wide range of chicken breeds and varieties to choose from and can ship out new chicks at a few clicks of a button.

Being Prepared to Raise Baby Chicks

Raising chicks is loads of fun, and it’s really not that difficult. Here are the basics you need to be aware of when caring for chicks:

Brooder – A brooder is a heated house for chicks. It’s the easiest way to provide an enclosed space and usually comes with a lamp that’ll keep the temperature just right for them.

Food & Water – You’re going to need to provide food and water for those hungry and thirsty little beaks. This is also really easy, pick up some starter feed for baby chicks and set up a waterer.

Living Conditions – I’m sure you want the best for your chicks. So, make sure they have plenty of space, you keep their area clean, and they have everything they need.

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