Chicken Hatchery North Carolina

List of Chicken Hatcheries in North Carolina | Chicks for Sale

If you’re looking for a farm or chicken hatchery in North Carolina, I’ve put together a list of hatcheries I was able to find information for.

Most of these businesses sell chicks, chickens, fertilized eggs to hatch, and more. I hope you find what you’re looking for, good luck!

Chicken Hatchery North Carolina Listing

Hatchery/Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite
Little Birdie Chicken Farm and HatcheryWake Forest, NC919-909-7155
The Urban ChickenRaleigh, NC919-578-6488
The Chicken ManHendersonville, NC828-808-5389

Little Birdie Chicken Farm and Hatchery

Address – Wake Forest, NC

Phone – 919-909-7155

Contact – NA


The Urban Chicken

Address – Raleigh, NC

Phone – 919-578-6488

Contact – NA


The Chicken Man

Address – Hendersonville, NC

Phone – 828-808-5389

Contact – NA


Additional Resources

Personally, I always prefer to pick up chicks in person so I can see them and see where I’m buying them from.

It’s not always possible though, and there’s nothing wrong with buying chicks online. There are some awesome online hatcheries, and you have a greater choice.

Here are two online hatcheries I recommend checking out;

Stromberg’s Chickens – Stromberg’s are based in Hackensack, Minnesota. They stock a huge range of live chicks and other birds, as well as all the equipment you’d need to keep your backyard flock happy.

Cackle Hatchery – Cackle is an NPIP certified online hatchery that can also ship out just about any breed of backyard chicken within days. It’s hard to beat the convenience of a few clicks and having new baby chicks arriving within a couple of days!

What NPIP Certified Means for Poultry Sellers

The National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) was first established in 1935 to eliminate poultry diseases causing chaos in the industry.

To be part of the plan, a seller opts in to follow their guidelines. This means testing their flocks for diseases, using best practices when breeding, and more.

It’s not a lawful requirement, but it’s something I always look for when buying live birds. It shows they are doing all the right things to minimize the risk of disease at their hatchery.

Things to Look for When Buying Baby Chicks

When buying chicks in person, there are a few things to look out for to ensure you’re getting the healthiest possible chicks:

  • Before you start making calls, I just want to remind you to check the laws where you live. Most areas allow backyard hens, but not roosters. There might be some other restrictions.
  • Once you know what types and how many chicks you’re after, hopefully, you find a hatchery nearby from the above list.
  • When you go to pick up your chicks, check out the rest of the hatchery. Make sure you’re happy they look after their livestock and are a professional business.
  • Give your chicks a good check over when you see them. Look for signs of dirt around their vent, eyes, and nostrils. Also, ensure they are moving and chirping normally.
  • Ask the seller about vaccinations and aftercare. Check if they’re NPIP (explained above) registered.

That’s about it. I know how exciting it is seeing cute little chicks, just try to keep a level head and make sure you’re as happy as you can be that you’re picking up happy and healthy chicks.

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