Chicken Hatchery New Mexico

List of Chicken Hatcheries in New Mexico | Chicks for Sale

Looking for baby chicks, hatching eggs, or backyard chickens for sale in New Mexico?

I’ve put together a list of the farms, poultry sellers, and hatcheries I was able to verify are currently selling chicks in the state of New Mexico.

Take a look at the businesses below, plus the other options you have if you can’t find a hatchery nearby. I hope you find what you’re looking for, good luck!

Chicken Hatchery New Mexico Listing

Hatchery/Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite
Privett Hatchery IncPortales, NM575-356-6425
Glover EggsLa Mesa, NM575-618-0279

Privett Hatchery Inc

Address – Portales, NM

Phone – 575-356-6425

Contact –


Glover Eggs

Address – La Mesa, NM

Phone – 575-618-0279

Contact –


Additional Resources

There aren’t a lot of hatcheries selling chicks in New Mexico that I was able to find. If you can’t find a seller nearby, your next best option is to order from an online hatchery.

Here are a couple of online hatcheries I recommend checking out:

Stromberg Chickens – Based in Hackensack, Minnesota, Stromberg sells everything from day-old chicks to all the accessories and poultry-related kit you’d need to run your own hatchery.

Cackle Hatchery – Cackle is an NPIP registered hatchery based in Lebanon, Missouri. They also have a wide range of chicken breeds and varieties to choose from and can ship out new chicks at a few clicks of a button.

How to Prepare and Care for New Baby Chicks

So, you’re going to buy some chicks – what’s next?

There are a few things you need to be prepared to care for baby chicks. Don’t panic though, it’s really easy and loads of fun.

Here are the basic things you need to raise chicks:

A Brooder – There are a few ways you can raise chicks for those important first few weeks of their lives. The easiest way is to buy a brooder, which is an enclosed house that usually has a lamp to provide heat built-in.

Feed – All you need is to keep your chicks feed is a formulated starter feed. They’ll eat this for the first few weeks before you need to change over to another age-appropriate feed.

Water – Fresh drinking water being available at all times is essential. You can either use a shallow dish or a waterer that provides easy access for your chicks.

Environment – As long as you’re providing plenty of space, keeping their living area clean, and meeting their basic needs, your chicks will be healthy and happy.

Which Breed Is Best for Beginners?

If you’ve been browsing chicks online you will have noticed that there are a lot of different breeds to choose from.

So, which breed is best? If there is such a thing as a “best” breed.

If you’re a beginner, I can recommend a few breeds that are amongst the easiest to look after and raise. These are:

Rhode Island Reds

Rhode Island Reds are one of the most prolific egg layers. If you’re building a flock for the purpose of collecting fresh eggs daily, I recommend starting with a Rhode Island Red.

Buff Orpingtons

Buff Orpingtons are known as being the big cuddly chicken breeds. They’re also great layers too, so you’ll get plenty of large eggs in between having a fun pet to spend time with.


Leghorns are most likely the breed behind most of the eggs and meat you buy from your local supermarket.

They’re one of the most popular dual-purpose birds, and they’re incredibly easy to care for and look after.

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