Chicken Hatchery Massachusetts

List of Chicken Hatcheries in Massachusetts | Chicks for Sale

Live in the Massachusetts area and want to find chickens or chicks for sale to add to your backyard flock?

I’ve done some digging and put together a list of all the farms and hatcheries in Massachusetts that sell chicks and hatching eggs.

I’ve also included some other ways you can find and buy chicks if there isn’t a hatchery close enough to you.

Take a look and see you how you get on. Hopefully, you’ll find some new additions to your flock, good luck!

Chicken Hatchery Massachusetts Listing

Hatchery/Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite
Sheeran Farms Silkie ChickensBrimfield, MA413-267-2013https://sheeran-farms-silkie-chickens
Pete & Jen’s Backyard BirdsLincoln, MA978-318-0063
Harry’s ChickensBedford, MANA
Uberchic RanchWilmington, MANA
Barnstable Farm & Pet SuppliesWest Barnstable, MA508-744-3232
Ashley’s ChickensDanvers, MA781-894-4880
Bridgewater FarmBridgewater, MA508-697-0357
Bay State Pet & Garden SupplyTaunton, MA508-821-3704

Sheeran Farms Silkie Chickens

Address – Brimfield, MA

Phone – 413-267-2013

Contact – NA

Website https://sheeran-farms-silkie-chickens

Pete & Jen’s Backyard Birds

Address – Lincoln, MA

Phone – 978-318-0063

Contact – NA


Harry’s Chickens

Address – Bedford, MA

Phone – NA

Contact – NA


Uberchic Ranch

Address – Wilmington, MA

Phone – NA

Contact –


Barnstable Farm & Pet Supplies

Address – West Barnstable, MA

Phone – 508-744-3232

Contact –


Ashley’s Chickens

Address – Danvers, MA

Phone – 781-894-4880

Contact – NA


Bridgewater Farm

Address – Bridgewater, MA

Phone – 508-697-0357

Contact – NA


Bay State Pet & Garden Supply

Address – Taunton, MA

Phone – 508-821-3704

Contact –


Additional Resources

If you can’t find a hatchery near to you or you can’t get to see chicks live for any reason, you can always buy online.

Two of the largest online hatcheries I’m aware of – both with a great reputation – are Strombergs Chickens and Cackle Hatchery.

The pros of using an online hatchery are that you have access to loads more breeds of chicks and can buy them at various stages and ages.

The cons are that you can’t see them live before making a decision, and you don’t have the support and point of contact of a local breeder.

How to Prepare to Look After Baby Chicks

Looking after baby chicks is way more rewarding than it is difficult. Here are the basics you need to be prepared for their arrival:

Food – You need food for them of course. Chicks eat starter food for the first 8 weeks or so, it’s also worth asking what the seller you’re buying from recommends.

Water – It’s essential that you provide fresh drinking water for your chicks to sip on. It should be easily obtainable and changed each day.

Heat – You’ll need to provide some artificial heat. Chicks need to be in temperatures around 90-95 for their first week or so. You can start tapering off from there each week until they are able to live in the temperature where you live.

Space – Chicks love huddling up and playing with each other, but they also need plenty of space to roam about and be free. Aim for at least half an sq ft per chick,

That’s about it for the essentials. The rest is down to you to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re happy, healthy, and developing properly.

Enjoy these moments when they are cute little balls of fluff. They grow up so quickly!

Does a Breeder Need to Be NPIP Certified?

NPIP stands for the National Poultry Improvement Plan. It’s a voluntary certification poultry breeders can opt in to demonstrate they are testing and vaccinating their flock against various diseases.

I like buying from breeders who have earned their NPIP certificate. It shows they are actively testing and treating their birds, which gives me some added confidence that they are operating a humane and professional business.

It’s not a legal requirement though, and obviously local sellers will not part of the NPIP. So, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy from someone that isn’t certified.

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