Chicken Hatchery Indiana

List of Chicken Hatcheries in Indiana | Chicks for Sale

Looking for farms and hatcheries in Indiana selling chicks and eggs to hatch at home?

There isn’t a lot that I was able to find. The businesses I was able to find look great though, so I recommend giving them a call to see if they can help you.

Here is a current list of the chicken hatcheries in Indiana selling various breeds of chicks:

Chicken Hatchery Indiana Listing

Hatchery/Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite
Agrarian Urban Homestead & SupplyIndianapolis, IN317-493-1166
Hidden Creek FarmYorktown, IN473-969-777
Urban FarmerWestfield, IN317-600-2807

Agrarian Urban Homestead & Supply

Address – Indianapolis, IN

Phone – 317-493-1166

Contact – NA


Hidden Creek Farm

Address – Yorktown, IN

Phone – 473-969-777

Contact –


Urban Farmer

Address – Westfield, IN

Phone – 317-600-2807

Contact – NA


Additional Online Resources

It’s always more fun and better if you can visit chicks and pick them up in person. If that’s not possible, however, you can order chicks online.

A couple of the main sites people use to buy chicks online are StrombergsChickens and CackleHatchery.

There are some benefits to buying online. It’s nice and quick, easy, and you don’t even need to leave your home. But, the downside is that you don’t get to see the chicks and check what kind of conditions they were hatched into.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with online companies. In fact, the two I mentioned have a great reputation. I can see Cackle Hatchery is NPIP certified, and Strombergs order from other hatcheries I believe.

What Is NPIP?

NPIP is a certification poultry breeders and hatcheries can obtain. It stands for the National Poultry Improvement Plan and means they are following the guidelines set out by the NPIP to test their flock for diseases.

It’s not a legal requirement, so not all hatcheries are NPIP certified. I always like to see that they are, however, as it shows they want to breed poultry safe from disease and follow the industry best practices.

Buying Chicks for the First Time? Here Are Some Tips

When buying chicks there are some things to be aware of to ensure you’re buying happy and healthy chicks. Here are some basic tips that might make all the difference:

  • First of all, before picking up some chicks it’s a good idea to check the local laws where you live. There might be restrictions on how many chickens you can have etc.
  • Although there aren’t many to choose from in Indiana, take your time to find a hatchery you feel comfortable buying from. Some positive reviews go a long way.
  • When you go to pick up your chicks, take a look around to get a feel for how well they’re looking after their animals.
  • Inspect your chicks before taking them away. Check for any signs of dirt in their feathers, look for discharge around their eyes and nostrils, and make sure they’re breathing properly.
  • If you can’t see the seller is NPIP certified, ask about vaccinations. It’s also a good opportunity to ask about how they recommend you care for them in the next few days and weeks.
  • Once you’re happy that the breeder cares for their animals and you have some happy and healthy chicks, take them home!

Here starts your backyard chicken journey. You’ll become as obsessed and enthusiastic as myself and thousands of others are all over the world!

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