Can Chickens Eat Pineapple

Can Chickens Eat Pineapple? (Safe Parts of the Fruit)

Pineapple is a popular fruit as it’s one of the sweeter tasting ones and it compliments drinks as well as foods. 

Can chickens eat pineapple? Yes, chickens can eat pineapple. It’s one of the sweeter, more sugary fruits, so keep it to an occasional treat though. The core and rinds may prove to be too tough.

What’s in Pineapple?

How to Feed Pineapple to Your Chickens

This tropical fruit is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It’s good for the immune system, aids digestion, and best of all tastes delicious!

In addition to this, unlike most fruits, pineapple contains a high amount of bromelain. This is the compound that aids digestion, but it can also cause stomach upset, skin rashes, and some other minor issues if too much is consumed.

It’s also worth noting that unripe pineapple can be toxic. Eating too much of the core can also cause some health issues.

Can Chickens Eat Pineapple?

Chickens can eat pineapple, yes. I’ve spoken to a few backyard flock owners who have given their flock pineapple, and the results were mixed.

It does seem like a lot of chickens just aren’t interested. Nothing wrong with that, chickens have their own personal preferences and tastes, and there’s only one way to find out what they like.

Chickens that do like it, however, will enjoy all the positive health benefits pineapple has to offer. When fed on occasion, it’s a great snack.

How to Feed Pineapple to Your Chickens

Most owners simply slice a section of pineapple and leave it on the floor for their chickens to peck away at and eat what they want.

You can pretty much feed it to them however you want. Chickens are experts at pecking away at food to break it up into digestible chunks, as I’m sure you’re aware.

Just be careful that any fruits aren’t left out too long that they go moldy. Clear up the skin and leftovers before that can happen.

Here’s a video of some chickens feeding on a pineapple, with the skin of a cantaloupe in the background from an earlier snack. Spoiled!

Can Chickens Eat the Outside of a Pineapple?

The top of a pineapple with the leaves is called the crown. This is not an edible part of the fruit, neither is the tough rind or skin.

You can put this out with the pineapple, but you’ll almost certainly find your chickens leave it as it’s too hard.

If they do have a good peck and eat some of the rinds it shouldn’t cause them a problem if it’s a small amount.

I wouldn’t encourage them to eat much though as it’s very tough and can cause some digestive issues.

What Can Chickens Not Eat List:

Pineapple may be fine for chickens, but there are some common household foods that are toxic for them.

Here are a few of the foods you should never give to your flock, not even in small amounts:

Avocado (Skin and Stone Only) – The flesh part of an avocado is fine, what you can’t give chicks is the skin or the pit.

These parts of the fruit contain a toxin called persin which is toxic to most animals and will cause them some serious health issues if ingested.

Raw Beans – Another innocent looking vegetable that is incredibly toxic to chickens are raw beans. Unless cooked properly, raw beans contain a toxin called phytohaemagglutinin that can kill chickens, even in small amounts.

Tea, Coffee & Chocolate – I’ve grouped these foods and drinks as they share some compounds that are toxic to chickens, namely; caffeine and theobromine.

This means keeping your flock away from coffee grounds and tea bags if you’re using those for compost.

Green Potatoes – There is often some confusion around whether or not potatoes are safe for chickens. The facts are that when potatoes are green, they’re producing a toxin called solanine that is harmful to chooks.

When they’re ripe and white, they’re fine. As are the peels too if you want to give those to your flock as not to waste them.

Moldy Foods – Mold spores that grow on foods gone bad are toxic to chickens and potentially very harmful.

I know you wouldn’t give them food that’s clearly gone rotten. It’s worth keeping this in mind for food that’s left out that may get damp though, this includes their feed.

Foods Chickens Can Eat List:

Feeding chickens different foods is fun, and they love almost everything.

Here are some of the foods that are safe for chickens. Just remember to keep these foods as a treat, at least 90% of their diet should come from their commercial feed.

Vegetables – Most vegetables are fine for chickens and will provide some good nutrition for them. Try carrots, cabbage, broccoli, pumpkin, etc.

Fruits – The same applies to fruits. There are loads of fruits that chickens love and can get some key nutrition from. Try bananas, grapes, mangoes, apples, etc.

Grains – Grains are one of the easiest and most common foods backyard owners give their flocks. It’s great for satisfying their need to scratch around, and a good source of energy and key nutrition. Try oats, wheat, corn, wheat, etc.

Cooked Foods – There are loads of cooked foods chickens will be more than happy to help you eat – after it’s cooled down of course. Try giving them some cooked meat, pasta, rice, etc.

Herbs – I have a little herb garden I’m very proud of. I use herbs when I cook and spare what I can with my flock. They love parsley, sage, lavender, etc, and herbs have some powerful healing and wellness properties.

In Summary

Pineapples aren’t the easiest or most common of fruits to slice and share around, but it is fine for chickens to eat pineapple.

There are some decent nutritional benefits to them doing so, so I’d share some and see if they like it next time you have one.


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