Can Chickens Eat Kiwi Fruit

Can Chickens Eat Kiwi Fruit? (Benefits & Facts)

It’s fun feeding fruits and vegetables to our backyard flock, isn’t it? They are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and other key nutritional content, and most are perfectly safe for them.

Can chickens eat kiwi fruit? Yes, kiwi fruit is on the safe list. This includes the skin and seeds too. Although the skin and ends of the core aren’t the easiest to digest, kiwi fruits provide some awesome nutrition.

Are Kiwi Fruits Healthy for Chickens?

Can Chickens Eat Kiwi Skin and Seeds

Kiwi fruits are one of the more unusual fruits, both in appearance and the range of health benefits they offer.

They’re rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as well as being a good source of dietary fiber. This means kiwis are great for providing all the good stuff your flock needs to maintain good health, and they can aid digestion.

Talking with other backyard flock owners it seems like most chickens enjoy eating kiwi. I found a couple of owners that said they had a couple of chickens that wouldn’t touch them, but that comes down to personal preference.

My advice is to chop some into slices, or cut them in half and leave them out for your chickens to eat.

See how much they eat, the more the better.

Can Chickens Eat Kiwi Skin and Seeds?

Yes, they can eat the skin and seeds. There’s no evidence to suggest that either the seeds or the skin can be harmful to chickens, and both are certainly good for us.

The skin isn’t the easiest to digest though, especially near the top and bottom of the core where it can be really tough.

Don’t be surprised if they leave most of the skin. That’s what typically happens with tough rinds from fruits like grapefruits, and vegetables like pumpkins and squashes.

Here’s a video showing some very happy chickens making those content chicken noises as they peck away at a kiwi:

List of Foods Chickens Can Eat

There’s no shortage of options if you’re looking for foods to give your chickens. Here are some common foods chickens love, most of which provide some great nutrition too:

Grains – Chickens love scratching around for grains and they provide some great nutrition. Try them on wheat, oats, cereals, quinoa, etc.

Vegetables – Most vegetables are fine for chickens. It’s always worth double-checking before feeding them something new for the first time. I’m sure they’ll like some broccoli, sweet potato, kale, or pumpkin to mention a few of our favs. 

Fruits – The same applies to fruits, most are fine for chickens. Favorites around here are berries, bananas, figs, and crab apples.

Cooked meat – Cooked meats like sausage and beef is a good way to supplement laying or molting hen’s protein intake.

Some Foods Chickens Should Never Eat!

It’s just as or more important to know which foods chickens should not eat along with what they can eat.

Here are some of the foods that are potentially harmful to chickens and must be avoided:

Chocolate and candy – Chickens do not have a sweet tooth, they don’t even have many taste buds. Plus, chocolate contains a toxin that’s harmful to them, so keep all the choc and sugary treats to yourself.

Moldy foods – Foods that have gone a little stale or just past their best aren’t a problem. It’s when mold spores start growing that food becomes toxic.

Green potatoes and tomatoes – Both of these are members of the nightshade family of plants, so they’re capable of producing a toxin called solanine that’s toxic to chickens.

It’s only found in the green areas on potatoes and underripe tomatoes of the tomato leaves and stalks.

Tea and coffee – Caffeine and some other compounds in coffee are harmful to chickens. If you’re using coffee grounds in your yard, don’t let your chicks peck away at them.

Raw beans – Raw beans are deadly to chickens if they ingest a fair amount. Keep raw bean plants well away from your flock, and never feed them raw beans.

Processed/salty foods – Too much salt is bad for chickens, as are processed foods. They have complex dietary needs, which is better met with commercial feeds and fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.

In Summary – Can Chickens Eat Kiwi?

If you’re wondering if you can share kiwis with your chickens, the answer is yes.

They’re not toxic or harmful in any way and are a nutrient-dense exotic fruit that can provide a tasty and healthy treat.

Certain parts of the fruit are a little tough and hard to eat, but if you slice up some of the soft flesh I’m sure your flock will be more than happy to gobble it up.


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