Can Chickens Eat Granola

Can Chickens Eat Granola?

Yes, chickens can eat granola. The sugar content is the only concern, so give them granola in moderation as a treat and monitor how much sugar they’re consuming.

The two main ingredients in granola are things that chickens love and can eat – nuts and rolled oats.

The problem is the same as it is with most foods prepared for us; the preservatives, sugars, and other additives that are added to make it taste better.

If you’re a granola lover like I am and you want to know if and how you should be sharing it with your chicks, read on for everything you need to know:

What’s in Granola?

There are all types of flavors and styles of granola. But, in its basic form, granola typically consists of nuts, rolled oats, and a sweetener such as honey or sugar.

Often it’ll include puffed rice too and bits of mixed druid fruits too.

The sweetener gives it a sweet taste, of course, but also helps to give it that familiar crunchy texture we know granola to have.

Is Granola Good for Chickens?

Is Granola Good for Chickens
The ingredient list for my granola

Granola is marketed towards us as a healthy breakfast option, and it can be. Especially when mixing it with fresh yogurt, fruits, and other stuff that really is good for us.

There are recipes that are a lot healthier than others, however. You should read the ingredients and nutrition label next time you have some, it’s quite the eye-opener.

What comes as a surprise to most people, is how high in sugar granola is. Looking at the bag in my cupboard, it’s around 20% sugar. I’ve seen some as high as 29% – that’s a lot of sugar.

I will add, and it’s not something I’d ever do, but if you’re feeding up your chickens for meat it’s a filling snack that’ll fatten them up that’s for sure.

Do Chickens Like Granola?

This one is easy to answer, from my experience chickens love granola.

Why wouldn’t they? As I explained, it’s made from oats and nuts. Two things chickens will peck up and eat almost as quickly as it hits the floor.

Just be sure to only give them small bits you’ve crushed up. They may be munching machines, but they have small throats that could potentially get blocked.

What Foods Are Bad for Chickens?

While on the topic of what chickens can and can’t eat, I thought I’d share some of the worst possible foods to give them – just as a bit of an eye-opener.


This is a common theme across a lot of pets and animals. Chocolate contains theobromine, which is toxic to chickens. The darker the chocolate, the higher the amount of theobromine it has.

Don’t panic if you’ve given them some granola with little choc chips in, this wasn’t likely enough to cause toxicity. But add it to the banned list in the future.

Moldy Foods

I’m not suggesting you’d give your chickens moldy food per se. But when foods are a little too off for us, it is tempting to pass it over to them.

Moldy food is potentially fatal to your chooks though. Fruits that are spawning mold, in particular, are very dangerous, it’s not worth the risk.

Green Potatoes and Tomatoes

When potatoes and tomatoes are green it means solanine is present, which is a chemical that is very toxic to chickens. It’s also present in the stalks and flowers on tomato plants.

It’s a poison found in species of the nightshade family which includes potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, and eggplants. So, it’s wise to do your research if you have any of these plants in your yard.

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Avocado Pits and Skins

Avocado is another fruit that causes problems for animals. It’s the pits (large seeds) and skins that are the problem, not the flesh of the fruit.

These parts contain a toxin called persin, which is toxic to chickens and most other birds. Tiny amounts will not cause a problem, so don’t feel guilty if you’ve fed them some skin before.

In large amounts of if fed to them on a consistent basis, however, persin can cause heart and respiratory problems and can cause death.

Raw Beans

If you grow beans in your garden where your backyard chickens roam, it’s vital that you make sure they can’t get their beaks anywhere near those raw beans.

Raw beans contain a toxin that is fatal to chickens. It only takes a few beans, which is the blink of an eye with a hungry chicken, to cause them some serious health issues.

In Summary – Can Chickens Eat Granola?

There you have it, the main foods never to feed to your chickens, and one that’s fine in moderation – granola.

I hope you found this article informative. Have fun feeding your chickens, here’s to a happy and healthy granola-munching flock!

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